A Unique and Historical Memento to Be Auctioned for a Good Cause at 2017 PSI Charity Ball

Wed, 11/29/2017 - 10:11
2017 PSI Auction

In 1970 the World Championships of dressage took place in Aachen Soers in conjunction with the CHIO Aachen horse show. Even then, Dr. Werner Willhelm, from Essen, Germany, secured himself a highly unique souvenir. This special item will get a new owner this year during the events of the 38th annual P.S.I. Auction, for the benefit of the charity “Reiten gegen den Hunger” (Riding Against Hunger).

Following the motto, “These are the signature of my dear friends”, 80 internationally known jumping and dressage riders signed Dr. Willhelm’s sports bag, which was given to him by the German National Federation (FN). This unique collectable item was created in a way, that there never could be a duplicate.

The more than 80 signatures are from riding super stars and heroes, many of whom are still examples for current elite riders, and those who have had a large influence on the equestrian sports of today. Top athletes such as Rosmarie Springer, Liselott and Fritz Linsenhoff, Horst Köhler, Kurt Capellmann, Inge and George Theodorescu, and Fritz Thiedemann are also among those listed. In addition, there are many international equestrian sports heroes, such as Americans Frank Chapot, Kathryn Kusner and Neal Shapiro,  Brasilian rider Nelson Pessoa, Austrian jumping legend Hugo Simon, Christine Stückelberger from Switzerland, Olympic winners Bill Steinkraus  and Joseph Fargis from the USA, and Graziano Mancinelli from Italy, the Spaniard Paco Goyoaga and Bertalano de Nemethy from Hungary. In addition to the 57 identified names, there are 23 other signatures on the bag.

The 57 identified signatures: Gunnar Anderson, Hugo Arrambide, Sigfried ‘Bimbo’ Peilicke, Ilsebill Becher, Kurt Capellmann, Frank Chapot, Gerhard Brockmüller, Horst Köhler, Wolfgang Müller, Berthalan de Nemethy, Joe Fargis, Gisela Franken, Karl-Heinz Giebmanns, Lutz Gössing, Gabriela Grillo „Puppa“, Maria Günther, Paco Goyoaga, Wolfgang Haug, R. Hunna-Martin, Tove Jorck-Jorckston, Grete Knud-Larsen, Fritz Linsenhoff, Liselott Linsenhoff, Lorna H. Johnstone, Manfred Kloeß, G. Kierkegaard, Herbert Kuckluck, Kathy Kusner, Bernd Kuwertz, Diana Mason, Graziano Mancinelli, Edith Master, Willibert Mehlkopf, Lutz Merkel, Herbert Meyer, Nelson Pessoa, Gustav R. Pfordte, Evi Pracht, Hans Pracht, Anneliese Schauerte-Küppers, Peter Schmitz, Paul Schockemöhle, Willi Schultheiß, Sönke Sönksen, Neal Shapiro, Hugo Simon, N.S. Slöör, Hendrik Snoek, Rosemarie Springer, Bill Steinkraus, Louis Stephens, Christina Stückelberger, George Theodorescu, Inge Theodorescu, Fritz Thiedemann, Traven, Arndt Wiebus.

Riding against hunger

"Riding against hunger" is the name of the initiative that combines equestrian sports and charity. For five years now, enthusiastic equestrian athletes and tournament organisers have been collecting donations together with Bauer Charity GmbH in support of Welthungerhilfe, helping to make a life without hunger and poverty possible for people all over the world. As professional dressage riders, we support the initiative and want to make a lasting contribution to improving the living conditions of the people in the project areas through our commitment. More information under "Reiten gegen den Hunger".

Those who are interested have the opportunity to bid live, in person, at the Charity Gala Ball on December 2nd in Ankum, or in the online auction hosted by Auktionshaus Dechow under. https://charity.psi-auktion.de/en/charity/

You can find further information about the 38th annual P.S.I. Auction on December 2nd and 3rd under www.psi-auktion.de.