FEI Dressage Pony for Sale: Kavsgaards Dundee

Tue, 10/29/2019 - 12:21
Pony for Sale
Kavsgaards Dundee :: Photo © Ridehesten.com

Name: Kavsgaards Dundee
Breed: German riding pony
Date of Birth: 13 April 2009
Sire: FS Don’t Worry
Dam Sire: Nantano
Gender: Gelding 
Height: 1.40 m
Asking price: 40,000 euro

Lovely quality FEI dressage pony for sale.

Kavsgaard's Dundee is a sweet and kind cat. II pony, born in 2009 and has three good basic gaits. He is an ideal schoolmaster for smaller children but also for the ambitious rider with big dreams. We bought him in 2014 directly from the breeder, so he has only had two homes.

Dundee is fresh and always ready to work, and he is totally uncomplicated to ride. He is 100% safe for traffic, and he is not spooky. He also loves to hack. Dundee loves to jump, and he has jumped up to 80 cm with me. He is a pony that can be handled by everyone, clipped all over the body and he is easy to transport in a lorry and trailer. You don't get a better friend than Dundee, as he is a pony who loves to work, and he does everything he can for his rider.

Kavsgaards Dundee competed at the Nordic Championships three years in a row, and recently he was a part of the gold-winning team at the Nordic Championship in 2019. In addition to that, we individually ended up in 4th place both in 2018 and 2019. In 2018 we were placed as number three in the Ecco Cup final, and furthermore, he has participated at the individual Danish Championships three times, and four times at the Danish Team Championships. More fine titles can be mentioned as silver for teams at the Nordic Championships etc. There is no doubt that Dundee is the pony, who can show the more inexperienced rider the way to the top.

No lease/loan  - 100% clean in x-rays (5 September 2019).

Located in Frederikshavn, Denmark

Videos: Video 1 - Video 2 (competing in Vejle with 71% score / 7-year-old Silje riding Dundee for the second time).

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