FEI Dressage Horse for Sale: Hermes de Encinasola

Mon, 11/30/2020 - 17:11
Horse for Sale
Hermes de Encinasola (by Ozono x Laomedon)

Name: Hermes de Encinasola
Breed: CDE (Spanish sport horse studbook)
Year of birth: 2012
Sire: Ozono de Encinasola
Dam Sire: Laomedon
Gender: Gelding
Height: 172 cm
Price category: 125,000 - 150,000 €

Young Developing Grand Prix horse with great potential.

Hermes is an 8-year old CDE bred gelding with three big basic gaits. He excels in walk and canter, and has an elegant and ground covering trot. Homebred at the owner's family farm, Yeguada Encinasola, he has been professionally ridden from the very beginning.

Hermes as a 5-year old (Photo © L.Forado)
At 8 years of age, Hermes is confirmed at small tour level and already schooling the beginnings of Grand Prix. He masters the 3 and 2 tempi changes and is starting with the ones. He also knows in hand piaffe and is starting with the ridden piaffe, doing baby steps of passage.

With his power, he excels in the canter work. He has a very expressive extended canter and ground covering half passes and tempi changes. In the trot tour he is like clockwork with an outstanding rhythm and very elegant lateral work. Even though he is sensitive, he is able to produce a very relaxed walk tour, getting 8s for both his extended and collected walk.

Competition wise he has moved up to Intermediaire I level this year, scoring 71,24% in his first Inter I freestyle.

He is a powerful and athletic horse with lots of potential and quality, and will make a reliable grand Prix horse in the future.

Hermes de Encinasola
This talented and sensitive horse is ideal for an experienced young rider who wants a reliable and constant horse to go up the levels and move up to U-25. He is also perfectly suitable for an experienced amateur who wants to have a competitive horse for the small and medium tour levels with potential for Grand Prix.

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Located in Spain

Videos: Video 1 (PSG level) - Video 2 (pi-pa baby steps)

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