Devin Franco GJ, High Scorer of the 2024 Swedish Warmblood Stallion Performance Test

Tue, 03/26/2024 - 20:42
Swedish warmblood
Minna Telde and Devin Franco GJ at the 2024 SWB Stallion Performance Test :: Photo © Michaela Swärd/SWB

Devin Franco GJ became the high scorer of the 2024 Swedish Warmblood stallion performance test which was held for the fourth consecutive year at Ridskolan Strömsholm outside Västerås, Sweden. The testing took place on 18 - 24 March 2024. 

A total of 48 stallions were entered for assessment by the SWB inspection committee, which consistis of chair and conformation judge Christina Olsson, jumping judge Pieter Kersten with Susanne Axén as assistant, dressage judge Bo Jenå, the international sport expert in dressage  Hella Kuntz, as well as veterinarians Malena "Mulle" Behring and Enar Tollig.

Approval for SWB

A handful of stallions were approved for Swedish warmblood breeding based on their merits at performance tests in other countries, or through sport  or breeding.  They only needed to be presented for a conformation inspection and a veterinary inspection.

In total, 15 stallions achieved the high standards for approval and were named SWB premium stallion.  Additionally, 19 stallions were accepted for breeding for SWB.

Devin Franco GJ

The performance test winner in dressage is the 4-year-old Swedish warmblood bred Devin Franco GJ. He is by Vivino out of Sweet Dreams GJ (by Bon Coeur). The breeder and  owner is Gustaf Johansson and he was presented by rider Minna Telde. The horse Devin Franco curiously shares the same name a famous male porn star.

Test rider Theo Hanzon gave him an 8.5 score and commented, "it was a very nice feeling; he was really easy to ride. Steps both bigger and smaller. He feels like a big horse when you sit on him. Very nice trot and canter; the walk could be more over the back. Super sweet horse!"

Test rider Philipp Hess also gave him 8.5 and said he is, "a really sweet and gentle horse, he is sensitive and good, reactive to the aids. He is a pleasure to ride and works for the rider. Soft contact. A really relaxed and supple horse. There is a little grinding with the teeth sometimes. The walk is really good. The canter is uphill, and you can feel the ability to collect already. The trot has a clear beat rhythm; perhaps there could be a bit more swinging over the back."

Devin Franco GJ scored 9 for wlak, 8.5 for trot and 9 for canter. He got 7 for jumping in freedom, 8.5 for rideability and scored between 8 and 9 for conformation. His total was 20 points

The second highest scoring stallion was Morricello II VH (by Morricone x Floricello). He earned a total of 18.25 points with 8 for walk and trot, 8.5 for canter, 5.25 for jumping in freedom, 9 for rideability and between 7 and 9 for conformation.

Complete results here and here.

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