George Wahl's end of the year 1999 Clinic

Wed, 12/01/1999 - 00:00
Belgian Dressage News

The soon to be 80 year old foundation dressage trainer, George Wahl, will be in Belgium from 29th November to 1st December 1999. Wahl will be the clinician of seven Prix St Georges riders and one Grand Prix rider at Dressage stable De Steppe in Mol, Belgium.

This will be the last KBRSF organised George Wahl clinic of the year. Wahl, who trained former Olympic Champion Christine Stuckelberger, has been the unofficial "chef d'equipe" of the Belgian senior FEI riders. These clinics, organised as a result of Ann Van Neste -D'Ieteren's persistancy, are often considered to be the first serious step to a better level of dressage in Belgium.

However some doubts can be outspoken on the selection of the participants. For instance why one rider has to bring two horses while so many others would love to ride for Wahl at least once in their life. Still, if one is not selected to ride, it's never a waste not to show up as a spectator. George Wahl's remarks are enlightening, refreshing and so clear.


Monday (29th Nov.) and Tuesday (30th Nov.)

  • 9.00: Tom Heylen - Day Dream
  • 9.45: Jan Dupont - Nector
  • 10.30: Dominique Rombouts - Lys's Succes
  • 11.15: Jan Dupont - Winston
  • 12.00: Ann Van Neste-D'Ieteren - Iguazu
  • ---BREAK---
  • 13.45: Ronny Livens - Lord Romanow
  • 14.30: Heidi Vanderheyden - Figrant
  • 15.15: Claudia Fassaert - Ravel
  • 16.00: Verena Burger-Gielen - New One

Wednesday 1st December 1999

  • 7.30: Ann Van Neste-D'Ieteren - Iguazu
  • 8.15: Tom Heylen - Day Dream
  • 9.00: Jan Dupont - Nector
  • 9.45: Dominique Rombouts - Lys's Succes
  • 10.30: Jan Dupont - Winston
  • 11.15: Ronny Livens - Lord Romanow
  • 12.45: Heidi Vanderheyden - Figrant
  • 13.30: Claudia Fassaert - Ravel
  • 14.15: Verena Burger-Gielen - New One