Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff Receives German Cross of Merit

Sun, 04/17/2011 - 16:28
German Dressage News

German Olympic team rider Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff has been awarded the German Cross of Merit by German president Christian Wulff. Linsenhoff is deputy chairman of the German Unicef society and founded the Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff Unicef Foundation

, which has donated money to projects in Cambodia, Sudan, Cairo and Basra.  

She received the cross of merit as "recognition for her long term and versatile voluntary commitment."

Linsenhoff is honoured to be the recipient. "This award is a confirmation of my engagement. It is a great honour and maybe also a stimulus for others to commit to such projects," said Ann Kathrin.

With a start-up capital of 500,000 euro Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff launched her own Foundation for children in need under the umbrella of Unicef in 2002. Since then the capital of the Ann Kathrin Linsenhoff Foundation has been growing continually through donations and the Foundation’s investment income. So far more than 3.3 million euro have been raised for the this foundation.

Photo © Linsenhoff

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