Everdale Wins 2012 KWPN Spring Stallion Performance Test

Wed, 05/30/2012 - 19:12
KWPN Breeding News

The 3-year old black Dutch warmblood stallion Everdale became the winner of the 2012 KWPN Spring Stallion Performance Test in Stegeren, The Netherlands. The 70-day testing concluded on Wednesday 30 May 2012.

Four dressage stallions completed the performance test and finished with high enough scores to pass the testing and get officially licensed with the KWPN Society. Initially eight 3-year dressage stallions were registered to perform in the spring testing, but six started the testing on 22 March 2012.

"The stallion performance test is all about discovering the natural ability of the stallion for sport. Only the natural ability is heritable and the KWPN believes that the testing of this ability in equal conditions is a valuable tool. Talent for sport, pedigree, conformation, health and character are all factors which play a role in the licensing committee's decision to approve a stallion for breeding," the KWPN stated.

Everdale (by Lord Leatherdale x Negro x El Corono) became the winner of the testing with a total of 87 points. He scored 9 for walk, 8.5 for trot, 9 for canter, 8 for suppleness, 8.5 for self carriage, 9 for rideability and character and 8.5 for dressage potential. Bred by P. Kluytmans and owned by Gert Jan van Olst, Everdale was praised for his "honest, reliable and willing stallion with a very good attitude." He is recommended to improve "size, willingness to work and movement technique."(see full report)

"We are very happy and very proud," said Anne van Olst, Danish Grand Prix rider and owner of Everdale with her husband Gert-Jan.

Eye Catcher (by Vivaldi x Partout x Dublin) became the runner-up with 86 points, scoring 8 for suppleness and self carriage, 8.5 for canter, rideability and dressage potential, and 9 for walk and trot. Bred by G Snoeks and owned by Snoek and Joop van Uytert, this stallion was praised for his great character, willingness to work and calmness in the stall. Eye Catcher is recommend for "mares with a long top line" and can improve "lightfootedness."(see full report)

Estoril (by Zhivago x Gribaldi x Cadmus xx) finished third with 80 points, scoring 7.5 for canter, 8s for walk, trot, suppleness and dressage potential, and 8.5 for self carriage and rideability. Bred by R. Franssen and owned by the breeder and Joop van Uytert, Estoril was praised for his front leg usage in trot and canter. His semen was tested and classified as "moderate" for fertility and the colt is recommended to improve "conformation, frontleg usage and rideability."(see full report)

Etoile (by Don Schufro x Rubinstein x Purioso) scored 78 points in total with a 7 for suppleness, 7.5 for trot, canter and dressage potential, 8 for rideability, 8.5 for walk and self-carriage. Bred by D. Santema and owned by the Russian Nataliya Bronnikova, Etoile was praised for his lightfooted trot and canter. His fertility was described as "moderate". The chestnut is recommended for mares with a "good topline and good frontleg usage" and can contribute to more "blood diversity". (see full report)

Arie Hamoen, chair of the stallion licensing committee, commented that "today was a nice conclusion of a good testing. We were able to work in a nice way for 7° days and give nice scores."

Photo courtesy Van Olst

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