Licensing Champion Perpignan Noir, Highlight of Bavarian/Austrian Trakehner Championship Gala

Thu, 09/29/2016 - 11:18
Trakehner Breeding News

In his first under-saddle presentation by Ralf Kornprobst, Trakehner Licensing Champion Perpignan Noir became the highlight stallion of the gala show following the Trakehner Regional Championships for Bavaria and Austria held at Gestut Murtal on Saturday 17 September 2016. The black stallion stunned with his sovereign, age-appropriate and overall impressive presentation.

Klaus Ballkenhol provided excellent commentary during the presentation and praised the exceptional young stallion for being on the right path of smart and horse-friendly training.

Furthermore Erhard Schulte's emotional praise of the horse's special pedigree, tracing back directly to the roots of the Trakehner main stud, as well as his description of the licensing champion and review of his performance in Neumunster, gave the audience the coveted image of tradition combined with modern sport horse breeding and dressage.

Owned by Karl Ochsner and Dominik Hartl of "Trakehner For Life," Perpignan Noir is by Schwarzgold out of Parade Go (by Maizauber x Turnus).

At the gala show announcer Bruno Six expounded on the extraordinary good movement mechanism of the stallion and underlined the importance of a good walk. He praised Perpignan Noir's hindquarter use in trot and stated the canter can only earn a 10.

The expert audience at the gala show greeted the 2015 Trakehner Licensing Champion with a big applause and many beaming faces.

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