Zamperetti, Volpini, Arturi, Alghisi, Remold, Truppa Win 2017 Italian Dressage Championships

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 11:11
2017 Italian Dressage Championships

Pony rider Mia Zamperetti, children rider Alessia Volpini, junior rider Beatrice Arturi , young riders Mattia Alghisi and Valentina Remold, and Grand Prix rider Valentina Truppa became the big winners at the 2017 Italian Dressage Championships, which took place in Montefalco on 22 - 24 September 2017. In Italy the National Championships are ridden over three rounds with two titles per age division to be awarded: a title for the winner of the technical tests and a separate title for the freestyle winner.

In the pony division Mia Zamperetti and the 14-year old German bred Chantre's Held (by Chantre B) won the technical title with 138.972 points after winning the team test with 69.744% and the individual test with 69.228%. The silver went to Silvia Diciatteo on the 13-year old German bred Duesmann (by Der Feine Lord) who scored a total of 136.751 points after two rounds. The bronze went to Martina Scoccia on the 14-year old German bred Real Nice Boy (by Ricardo Go for Gold) with 134.611 points. Zamperetti went on to win freestyle gold as well with 73.175%. Remarkably Martina Lippi, who did not even contest the technical rounds, became silver medal winner on Okidoki with a 71.675% freestyle score. Martina Scoccia got her second bronze with a 71.200% earning freestyle.

In the children's division four combinations competed and Alessia Volpini was in charge, winning the team test with 72.556% and the individual test with 71.250% to total 143.694 points aboard her 13-year old mare May. Andrea Neri and the former Grand Prix horse, 19-year old Finnish bred Raffaldo (by Come Back II x Raffaelli Z), got silver with 139.948 points. Sister Caterina Neri and her 12-year old Hanoverian Ruby (by Riccione x Lanthan) got bronze with 136.139 points. The Children riders do not compete in a freestyle.

In the junior vision Beatrice Arturi was unbeatable winning the technical championship with 142.055 points and the freestyle with 73.475%. Aboard the 10-year old Westfalian bred Le Bom (by Louis Le Bon x Pit I) she won the team test with 71.081% and the individual test with 70.974%. The silver went to Filippo di Marco who steered his mother Nausica Maroni's Grand Prix mare Rockabella (by Rosentau x Weltmeyer) to a second place in both tests and totalled 138.303 points. He also won silver in the Kur with 72.175%. Kiliane Angelico and the 14-year old Dutch warmblood Willow (by Flemmingh x Gardegeneral) finished with bronze on 134.017 points in the technical championships and with 68.150% in the Kur. 

At Young Riders level, new comer Mattia Alghisi and the 14-year old Hanoverian Anava Welt (by Alabaster x Wenzel), who was previously competed by Filippo di Marco, scored Technical gold with 135.114 points. She was second in the team with 67.061% and third in the individual test with 68.053% but her total ranked her first in the technical championship! Valentina Remold, who was strikingly absent at the 2017 European Young Riders Championships this year, showed up for the Italian Nationals on the 10-year old Hanoverian Double Cool Darius MJ (by Davignon x Furst Heinrich). The new pair took Technical silver with 134.710 points after placing fifth (66.184%) and second (68.526%). Lucia Berni and the 14-year old Westfalian gelding Ebony (by Ehrentusch x Dunhill) finished with bronze on 133.640 points after winning the team test (67.193%) but dropping to fourth in the individual (66.447%). In the artistic champion, Remold scored the gold with a 70.450% earning freestyle, while Alghisi got silver (69.475%) and Berni bronze (66.900%).

The senior Grand Prix riders only had to do two rounds: the Grand Prix for the Technical Championship and the Kur for the Artistic Championship. Nine riders contested the Grand Prix for the Technical title and Valentina Truppa won the class aboard her 12-year old Danish warmblood Ranieri (by Romanov x Leandro). The bay gelding, who briefly stood for sale at Patrik Kittel's yard in Germany, is now back in Italy. Truppa scored 70.700% for the victory. Micol Rustignoli and the 18-year old Italian bred Corallo Nero (by Sherwood x Landadel) got silver with 67.960% while Roberto Brenna and Dorina (by Dr Doolittle x Rubino Rosso) scored bronze with 66.980%. In the freestyle Championship, Truppa got gold with 75.750% and Rustignoli earned silver with 71.500%. The bronze, however, went to Ester Soldi on her 18-year old Polish bred Harmonia (by Lord Alexander x Hars) with 70.325%. Brenna did not compete in the freestyle championship.

Photos © private - FISE Veneto - Clara Maggiora

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