Jennifer and Jurgen Hoffmann Return to California for New Chapter

Tue, 12/11/2018 - 18:14
Jurgen and Jennifer Hoffmann return to the U.S.A. to set up their business German Dressage International in Rancho Sante Fe, CA.

American Grand Prix rider Jennifer Hoffmann and her husband and trainer Jürgen Hoffmann have relocated back to California after eight years in Europe. 

The Hoffmanns will be based at a friend's yard in Rancho Sante Fe, California.

"it is time now and also very important for me to be back and spend time with my family," said Hoffmann. "I must say that the decision was very difficult for me and friends who know me well saw how much I struggled with the decision, my entire career was basically made in Europe."

A European Grand Tour with Much Success

Jennifer and Jurgen Hoffmann are no strangers to California, having based their dressage sales and training business there between 2001 and 2010.

However, in December 2010 they began a European journey, starting out in Germany as head trainers at Gestut Letter Berg. In August 2012 they moved to Gestut Lindhof in Wallern, Austria, but returned to Germany to Gestut Wiesenhof in October 2013. In March 2014 Hoffmann reconnected with Letter Berg and returned to riding their best horses. In June 2017 Hoffmann relocated to Gut Hohenkamp while keeping the ride on some of the Letter Berg stallions. 

"Some of my most memorable years were at Gesüt Letter Berg in Coesfeld," Jennifer reminisced. "Then we got the possibility to move to Austria for 1.5 years on a sponsorship contract which was extremely wonderful. We got to work together with the late Mr Richard Seifert who was an extraordinary businessman and later great friend. Our time in Austria was also extremely successful making many international top quality horses, and we were also able to make lifetime amazing friendships which we to today continue to cherish."

Jennifer and Rubinio in Saumur
Hoffmann has not only been able to win several medals at the Bundeschampionate with Letter Berg's licensed stallions (silver on the 5-year old Florentinus V (score 9.2) and bronze on the 4-year old Hofmarschall (score 9.1)), but she has also produced mare test winners and competed at the World Young Horse Championships seven times, making it into the Final no less than 5 times, writing history as the first American to qualify with two horses in one year.

At Grand Prix level, Jennifer made her mark in Europe and was rewarded with the Golden Rider Badge for her multiple S-level victories. She made and competed sixteen horses up to international Grand Prix level with her biggest successes being on Rubinio NRW and Florentinus V. Both have been on the USEF Grand Prix ranking lists and currently still are. Her most significant achievement was winning the Kur with Rubinio NRW at the CDI Saumur with over 74%, while placing second in the Grand Prix with 71%. She also represented Team USA at the CDIO nations Cup on two horses, helping the U.S.A to win the series in 2017. 

"I cannot begin to explain how much I have loved being in Europe! Traveling to so many countries capturing ribbons and trophies and coolers from so many different CDI’s," said Jennifer. "This place flourishes with dressage sport so much. It is everywhere you look. The people eat, breathe, and sleep Dressage and its sport. I am beyond thankful with how much I have been welcomed into both Germany and all of Europe for so many years and am very deeply honored at how much I have become respected both as an international competitor but also as a trainer of top horses and the ability to bring them into top sport."

Building an International Network

With her time in Europe, the Hoffmanns have been able to build and strengthen their international network as trainers, riders and horse scouts. 

Silver at the 2011 Bundeschampionate
The couple found many perfect matching horses for their clients with whom they could achieve great results. They have helped several riders to achieve their goals from Adult Amateurs, Junior/Young riders to top International World Cup competitors.

"We also had a very successful sales business in Germany selling multiple high profile horses all over the world," said Jennifer. "Some of our sale horses went on to the Olympics or World Equestrian Games, for instance Egistar for Japan, or Doctor Wendell MH, who went to Moscow. Licensed stallions found their new owners in Sweden or Finland, Australia, England, or Austria to just name a few."

"Jürgen and I offer a very wide spectrum of knowledge and experience when searching for your next equine partner," she said. "During our long years of living in Europe we have developed a large base of trustworthy friends and colleagues who know how to develop your equine sports friend."

"I am extremely eager to share my huge wealth of knowledge and experience I have gained from over 19 years in Europe, to all other riders seeking help at all levels back at home in the U S. Jürgen and I are really looking forward to also scheduling clinics in 2019," Jennifer explained. 

A New Chapter in California

"We are currently open to and looking forward to multiple very interesting business options," Jennifer stated. "We will have the opportunity to start our business with taking on both horses and riders in for training around 15 January. We will be home from the quarantine with our stallions and will be able to go full force building our elite training and sales business, German Dressage International."

Jennifer on her top GP horse Rubinio in Verden
Jennifer has high hopes for two of her upcoming super stars which she is taking to California: the 7-year old licensed and approved Rondoro Noblesse, who has placed six times in the top 3 in 2018 at CDI 7 year old competitions with scores up to 75% and in the 7-year old Austrian selection trials 81%; as well as the licensed stallion Fürst Florianus (by Florentinus) who has had top scores of up to 8.3 in young horse classes and who made it into the finals of the 2018 Hanoverian Young Horse Championship.

Of course Jennifer hopes to return to Europe as an Team USA competitor.

"I will indeed miss Europe, but hope to be back in the summer months with my top international horses and hopefully continue with both my Grand Prix horses but also with the young horse championships with horses that I will be able to develop in California," she said. "I am also thinking about going for the World Cup qualifiers  this year with him. He is back in top form and we will be hitting the West Coast CDI’s as soon as we get out of quarantine."

The couple confirmed that creating an absolute positive training environment, in which everyone supports one another and where the most important thing is for each individual is able to reach his/her goals are one of their strongpoints alongside training green young horses up to Grand Prix level.

Jennifer and Farinelli
"Both Jürgen and I will cherish our wonderful memories but also are looking forward to our next chapter in our life and cannot wait to begin with our first new projects and partnerships," Jennifer added.

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