USPRE Proudly Announces the Winners of 2018 Copa USPRE

Fri, 12/28/2018 - 11:17
2018 Copa USPRE Grand Prix Champions Janne Rumbough and Armas Zumbel

Another season of FEI competition for the PRE horses of USPRE has come to an end and USPRE is proud to present the slate of winners of its annual Breeder’s Cup, the Copa USPRE.

Close to 25 riders declared for this year’s Copa, which is limited to the FEI levels only. However, in 2018, the majority of those who were able to meet the requirements of the contest did so in the most demanding levels and divisions in the sport.

This year, five of our top finishers were riding the Grand Prix, three in the Adult Division, and two in the Youth Grand Prix division. Furthermore, most scores for these riders were earned in the International shows, with very competitive marks!

As a result, the Dressage Committee has decided to name all of this year’s qualified riders to the USPRE Dressage Team for 2019. These riders will receive USPRE clothing, press coverage, and any other support USPRE can provide.


  • Champion: Janne Rumbough and Armas Zumbel  68.398
  • Reserve: Jacqueline Cuddy and Malcarat  67.181
  • Reserve: Nicole and Disparaton  65.3


  • Champion: Jacqueline Cuddy and Recargo PI  65.29
  • Reserve: Barbara Bonk and Centeno XII  64.573


  • Champion:  Kerrigan Gluch Bolero CXLVIII  69.667  U25 GP
  • Reserve: Sophia Schults and Idolo Americano  66.241 Young Riders
  • Reserve: Jannike Gray and Giraldillo CEN  65.74  U25

Photo © Lily Forado

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