Ekestrian Elite Online Auction 15-16 October 2019: Exceptional Foals, Broodmares & Embryos a click away!

Mon, 09/23/2019 - 10:58
Ekestrian Online Auction

After the success of Ekestrian with jumping horses, the French leader in online auctions is now developing its activities to find the next dressage champions: foals, embryos and broodmares will be sold at the first Ekestrian Elite Online Auction on 15th and 16th of October.

With a Top Price of € 55,000 excluding tax for Usha van't Roosakker's daughter like a broodmare (including fees) and an average of 60% of the lots sold abroad, Ekestrian can count on its customers worldwide.

Expert Selection Panel for the Collections

Ekestrian offers you an exceptional dressage selection on the criteria of the model, the paces, the origins, the quality of the damline, the relevance of the crossing and the rarity.

We offer a turnkey service for breeders to help them to sell the horses from their breeding: Ekestrian travels directly to breeders all over Europe to find the best prospects of tomorrow and to make photos and videos.

The Ekestrian team, expert for more than 6 years in the search for the champions of tomorrow, is accompanied by Jessica MICHEL-BOTTON, who has proved her expertise by the quality of the production and the choices that led her to excellency. The only French rider at the Olympic Games in London, member of the french team at the World Equestrian Games and European Championship, Jessica is also well known for her skills with the young horses: Bronze medal and 7 times into the big final at the World Championship for young horses, she is one of the best riders in the world. 23 times French champion and 38 podiums at the French championship, Jessica is also working with Haras de Hus since 2007 and collaborates with Haras de Malleret since 2019.

The foals detection is a real passion for Jessica. She is working every year since 15 years on the crossing choices for the mares at Haras de Hus, selects the horses from birth and manages the dressage market. She has acquired a real expertise with the foals and shares it with us:

Jessica Michel at the 2018 World Young Horse
“What we are looking for a foal is his conformity and model for the dressage: a beautiful neckline well oriented and long enough, a nice balance with active back legs used under the weight, the rebound and a beautiful freedom and orientation of the shoulders. The legs conformation is also an important standard for the selection.”

When you buy a colt, you should be careful with some points : “In most cases, the foal model will be the same at 3 years old. Therefore, a foal with a balance on its shoulders will be certainly the same at 3 years old. “When I look at a foal, I imagine him already functioning under the saddle. When I buy a foal, I try to look at him like a future athlete and paying attention about how he could move under the saddle.”

We asked Jessica about her favourite stallion. And the answer was obvious: “Don Juan de Hus. The products are generally sensitive, they want to work with pleasure and lot of quality for sport.” Don Juan de Hus has a very good production: Dorian Grey de Hus (5th at the World Championship for 5 years old in 2018), Don Martiollo (World Champion for 5 years old in 2017 with 9.74 points), D’avie (Double World Champion in 6 and 7 years old), .... . With a production age of maximum 7 years, Don Juan de Hus counts among its products, 3 world champions.

Ekestrian and Jessica: a shared philosophy and passion. “Working with people who share my philosophy has always been a priority for me. Ekestrian offers a high quality service with transparency: theses values are also mine. Coupled with my passion for detecting foals and young horses with high quality for sport, my collaboration with Ekestrian seemed natural to me! Good vibes only”

Top Sires in Dressage Collection on 15 - 16 October 2019

Lipas Dance For Me (by Don Nobless x Blue Hors Doolittle)
On the coming auctions, you’ll find none other lots than foals by Secret, the new world reserve champion for 5 years old horses ; Finest, the unforgotten "winner of the heart" on the occasion of the licensing in Verden, the damline of Sultan des Paluds, the world reserve champion for the 7 years old with Kirsten Brouwer, Toto JR one of the first Totilas’s son to be approved, but also Le Formidable the Champion of the 2019 KWPN Stallion Licensing. Dante Weltino, the new team Bronze medal at the European Championship will be also present in our catalog. You will find also very well known stallions like Olympic Ferro, Gribaldi and De Niro, pillars of the KWPN, Trakehner and Hanoverian will be also present.

Register here to access the upcoming catalog: www.ekestrian.com/en/enchere/18

Breeders, this Online Auction can be for You!

The selections for 2019 auctions are still in progress! Send your complete applications for your foals, embryos, broodmares and 2 & 3 years to carodufil.ek@gmail.com (name of horse, father, mother, father of mother, age, location, reserve price, photos and videos).

For any question of information, contact the team at + or at contact@ekestrian.com.