Taminiau, Johnny Depp, Imposantos Win First Leg of 2019-2020 KWPN Stallion Competition

Tue, 11/12/2019 - 18:57
2019-2020 KWPN Stallion Competition
Renate van Vliet and Johnny Depp at the 2019 World Young Horse Championships :: Photo © Astrid Appels

The 4-year old Taminiau, the 5-year old Johnny Depp, and the 6-year old Imposantos won the first leg of three qualifiers  in the 2019-2020 KWPN Stallion Competition of which the finals will be held at the 2020 KWPN Stallion Licensing in Den Bosch in February. 

The KWPN Stallion Competition is an ideal occasion for breeders to assess the quality and potential of young licensed Dutch warmblood stallions.

Three qualifiers are held (Kronenberg, Ermelo, Zuidbroek) and a Finals in Den Bosch. At the first leg in Kronenberg on 11 November 2019 Taminiau, Johnny Depp, and Imposantos topped the board.

In the L-level division for 4-year olds, Hans Peter Minderhoud and Gaston Glock's Hanoverian bred Taminiau (by Toto Jr x Sandro Hit) aced the division with 93 points. Judges Toine Hoefs and Janine van Twist praised the stallion for his suppleness, front leg usage and uphill frame in trot. In canter he could be more engaged form behind.  Taminiau, who is named after the famous Dutch haute couture  fashion designer Jan Taminiau, beat the KWPN performance test winner Kjento (by Negro x Jazz) under Charlotte Fry. Kjento earned 91 points and was praised for his powerful, uphill trot and quality canter. Minderhoud steered King Karim (by Toto Jr x Painted Black) to a third place with 88 points. 

Pavo Cup champion Johnny Depp beat KWPN licensing champion Jameson in the M-level division for 5-year olds. Renate van Uytert and Johnny Depp (by Bordeaux)  scored 94 points after earning 10 for trot. Also the walk was clear in rhythm although the horse did not follow the hand enough. Marieke van der Putten and RS2 Dressage's Jameson (by Zack x Negro) landed second place with 93 points. He got 10 for canter, 9.5 for trot and 8 for walk.  Dinja van Liere and Joop TC (by Steffen Peters' Ravel x Krack C) finished in third place with 90 points, after receiving 8 for walk, 9.5 for trot and 9 for canter. 

At Z-level for 6-year olds only four stallions competed and Bart Veeze continued his reign aboard Imposantos (by Wynton x Krack C). The pair scored 89 points for victory. He received 9s for walk, trot, harmony and potential and 8.5 for canter as it could have shown a bit more power. Renate van Uytert and the bay In Style (by Eye Catcher x Lorentin) were the runners-up with 87 points. The horse showed nice flying changes but only got a 7.5 for walk. Jennifer Sekreve and Indigro (by Negro x Jazz) landed third place with 86 points. 

Results - 2019-2020 KWPN Stallion Competition - Kronenberg Qualifier


  • 1. Hans Peter Minderhoud - Taminiau (by Toto Jr x Sandro hit) - 93
  • 2. Charlotte Fry  - Kjento (by Negro x Jazz) - 91
  • 3. Hans Peter Minderhoud - King Karim (by Toto Jr x Painted Black ) - 88
  • 4. Adelinde Cornelissen - Kayne (by Governor x Rousseau) - 86
  • 5. Bart Veeze - Kyton (by Ferguson x Ferro) - 85
  • 6. Theo Hanzon - Koning (by Governor x Bretton Woods) - 83
  • 7. Thamar Zweistra - Kaygo (by Capri Sonne JR x Westpoint) - 81
  • 8. Jesslin Galiart - King van het Haarbosch (by Spielberg x Florencio) - 78
  • 9. Mara de Vries - King de Niro Magni (by De Niro x Ampere) - 77
  • 10. Renate Kouwenhoven - Karajan OMHG (by Aqiedp x Ronaldo) - 66
  • Vai Bruntink - Kilimanjaro (by Bordeayx x Westpoint) - RET/VV
  • Mara de Vries - Kaiser DVB (by De Niro x JOhnson) - DNS


  • 1. Renate van Uytert - Johnny Depp (by Bordeaux x Jazz) - 94 points
  • 2. Marieke van der Putten - Jameson (by Zack x Negro) - 93 
  • 3. DInja van Liere - Joop TC (by Ravel x Krack C) - 90
  • 4. Renate van Uytert - Just Wimphof (by De Niro x Regazzoni - 87
  • 5. Charlotte Fry - Jayson (by Johnson x Negro) - 85
  • 5. Kim Koolen - For Ferrero (by For Romance x  Don Crusador) - 85
  • 7. Bart Veeze - Jerveaux (by Ferdeaux x Jazz) - 83
  • 8. Eva van der Linde - Jerenzo Texel (by Enzo Ferrari x Jazz) - 77
  • 8. Kimberly Pap - Jersey (by Vivaldi x Ferro) - 77
  • 8. Theo Hanzon - Johnny Cash (by Bon Bravour x Flemmingh) - 77
  • 11. Eric van den Wildenberg - Jones (by Negro x Krack C) - 71


  • 1. Bart Veeze - Imposantos (by Wynton x Krack C - 89
  • 2. Renate van Uytert - In Style (by Eye Catcher x Lorentin) - 87
  • 3. Jennifer Sekreve - Indigro (by Negro x Jazz) - 86
  • 4. Theo Hanzon - Invershin (by Charmeur x Balzflug) - 79

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