Black Friday Disount on Equine 74 Gastric - 10 Symptoms of Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Fri, 11/29/2019 - 10:22
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We get emails from horse owners every single day. Many of them are desperate because they have no clue why their horse is suffering: “my mare is grinding her teeth", “my gelding only needs to see a saddle girth, and starts kicking his stomach” or “my horse doesn’t eat well and he’s often colicky.”  

It’s often the case that the vet eventually finds out that stomach ulcers are causing all the trouble. Apparently, the problem is that the symptoms often aren’t interpreted correctly.

Gastric Ulcers in Horses

Imagine your horse starts grinding his teeth. You are pretty sure he hasn’t done it before, but you don’t think of stomach ulcers immediately. This new behavior could be caused by something entirely different. You might ask yourself if the training puts too much stress on your horse, or if there is something wrong with his teeth. Or maybe you hope that it’s just a phase that will pass, soon.

But then, your horse leaves more food untouched, every day. Of course, the reason for this could also be a high level of tension or dental problems. Or he just doesn’t like the feed. Some horses show even more symptoms, and others only show one of the typical warning signs, not all of these being as alarming as frequent colic. 

So it happens, that many stomach ulcers are recognized when it’s far too late. Here is a list of the most important symptoms. If you observe one or several of them (and if they don’t disappear in 4 weeks or less), you should talk to a vet.

Equine stomach ulcers – 10 symptoms you need to be aware of:

1. Poor appetite
2. Frequent colic
3. Less performance in daily training and shows
4. Weight loss
5. Drawn-in stomach
6. Grinding of teeth
7. Empty chewing
8. Bad breath
9. Poor condition
10. Lack of focus

Your Horse suffers from Gastric Ulcers? Equine 74 Gastric

Than you know, how frustrating this can be.

Anna Blomgren and Quattro
Equine 74 Gastric buffers the excess. Given daily, Equine74 Gastric helps maintain healthy ph levels making it the perfect alternative to regularly treating your horse for ulcers with expensive doses of Omeprazole.

Swedish Grand Prix rider Anna Blomgren is an avid believer and fan of Equine 74 Gastric and has had amazing results with this natural product. "No one can function or perform their very best with any pain or irritation in the stomach," said Anna. "Horses are different from humans produce stomach acid 24h around, if they eat or not, though horses are designed to eat all the time. Any traveling or change of environment/feed is a kind of stress to the body. A lot of horses don´t eat as well during travel which makes the acid level go really high, which gives pain/more stress. Therefore I now always give Equine 74 Gastric during travel and competitions, and at least a month leading up to."

"Since I've had such great results I keep all my competition horses on Equine 74 Gastric and any horse who I don't think looks absolutely great in condition or who could be susceptible to stress," Blomgren added. "The absolute advantage with Equine74 Gastric is that it is a 100% natural product. Therefore the body can absorb it easily and fully. It is also easy to feed, small pellets which our horses eat mixed in the normal feed. You can also get it as a powder which is very handy to mix with a bit of mash if your horse is fussy. I have never had as great results with any other product in this category."

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Christian and Tanja Dietz of Equine 74
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