British Youth Squads for 2020 Announced

Mon, 02/10/2020 - 10:49
Great Britain
Betsy Smetham on Amber V :: Photo © Karen Chaplin

British Dressage has updated their youth squads at the beginning of the 2020 show season.

The squad lists were updated on 20 January 2020 and the lists are subject to change depending on ongoing progression and performance of riders. 

Team Staff to Supervise Training and Selection

The U21 selectors are Nikki Herbert and Leanne Wall. They are responsible for deciding who goes to which international competition, and ultimately the FEI European Championships.

The British chef d'equipes are Caroline Bell for ponies, and Nina Boex for Children, Juniors and Young Riders.

Paul Fielder oversees progression from a coaching perspective for British Children, Juniors and Young Riders; and Clive Halsall is the current British pony team trainer.

Training Days

A number of test riding days are run throughout the year, offering riders the opportunity to work towards international selection. 

On 8 February a test riding and squad training day took place at the Solihull Riding club, where combinations were able to practice the team test in front of an FEI Judge with Selectors in attendance.

"All Premier League shows hold FEI Team Tests for Ponies, Juniors and Young Riders," British Dressage posted. "These will be part of the Selection process and some may be compulsory for riders competing at FEI Team Test level and wishing to be considered for international competitions and European Teams."

2020 British Youth Squads

Pony Riders

  • Mette Dahl with George Clooney
  • Isobel Lickley with Mister Snowman
  • Ronnie-Mae Morgan with DST Carluccio
  • Annabella Pidgley with Cognac IX 
  • Isabel Platts with Whalton Gladrags
  • Betsy Smetham with Amber V


  • Mette Dahl with Selten HW

Junior Riders

  • Tarka Abraham with Donna Summer
  • Maddy Frewin with Woodlander Rhythm n Blues
  • Holly Kerslake with Extasia
  • Jessie Kirby with Belle Amie
  • Jessica McConkey with Lady Gaga II
  • Chloe Naylor with Karisma
  • Gemma Owen with Sirius Black
  • Lily Payne with Z Flemmenco
  • Soraya Rogers with Evita I
  • Olivia Wrennall with Disneyland

Young Riders

  • Rebecca Bell with Nibeley Union Hit
  • Emily Bradshaw with Enjoy Amaris V
  • Angus Corrie-Deane with Tiny Tempur
  • Alex Hellings with Uvender V
  • Clare Hole with Pro-Motion and Winnetou G.E.P.
  • Ruth Hole with Easy VZ
  • Rose Hugh-Smith with Ulyssa
  • Anna Jesty with Flow Motion
  • Sarah Khairallah with (Keystone) Darling
  • Rebecca Swain with Bon Jovi

Photo © Karen Chaplin

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