Seven Premium Colts Named at 2020 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing

Sun, 03/08/2020 - 21:19
Danish Warmblood
Danish bred Stenagers Ben Hur (by Borsalino x Florenciano) who became premium at the 2020 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Ridehesten

Seven colts were named premium at the 2020 Danish Warmblood Stallion Licensing in Herning, Denmark, on Saturday 7 March 2020, where the licensing committee approved 21 dressage bred 3-year old colts for the performance testing.

The Danish warmblood society no longer names a licensing champion, since 2018.

Danish owned Young Horse World Champion Revolution presented his first crop of 3-year olds in Herning and of the 7 pre-selected stallion, no less than five were approved for the testing. Just one of them was premium.

The 21 approved colts are

Premium stallions

  • Stenagers Ben Hur (by Borsalino x Florenciano), breeder Bjarne og May-Britt Christensen, DK
  • Dynamic Dream (by Dream Boy x Sir Donnerhall), breeder C. van der Laan, NED
  • Blue Hors Fortron (by For Romance II x Desperados), breeder Jens Damm, GER
  • Rockabye S (by Revolution x Belstaff), breeder Sally-Ann Hjorth Schultz, DK
  • So Perfect (by Sezuan x Sir Donnerhall), breeder Frank Nordhausen, GER
  • My Vitality (by Vivaldi x D-Day), breeder Willeke Bos, NED
  • Blue Hors Monte Carlo (by Dream Boy x United) - breeder Tim Coomans, NED

Also approved are:

  • Dreamian (by Danciano x Sandro Hit), breeder Alfons Kramer, GER
  • Blue Hors Dalian (by Dancier x Sir Donnerhall), breeder Martin Honigfort, GER
  • Floss Dance (by For Dance x Quaterback), breeder Volker Steenken, GER
  • Slangerupgaards Flottenheimer (by Franklin x Scolari), breeder Slangerupgaard, DK
  • Freetown (by Fürst Wilhelm x Sir Donnerhall), breeder Thorsten Hogrefe, GER
  • Iron (by Ibiza x Hohenstein), breeder Nedergaard Dressage, DK
  • Gørklintgårds Royal (by Revolution x Sunny-Boy), breeder Jørgen Ravn, DK
  • Straight Horse Ramses (by Revolution x Blue Hors Zack), breeder Straight Horse, DK
  • Radius (by Revolution x 00 Seven), breeder Lena Nystrøm, SWE
  • Hesselhoej Rock A Billy (by Revolution x Blue Hors Hertug), breeder Jane og Erik Bech Jensen, DK
  • HP Valentino (by Vitalis x Apache), breeder HP Horses, DK
  • My Toto VDT (ex, Morricone VDT - by Toto Jr x Ferro), breeder A. van de Tillaart, NED
  • Majestic Taonga (by Toto Jr x Jazz), breeder Willeke Bos, NED
  • Total McLaren (by Totilas x De Niro), breeder R. Knauf, GER
Patriottic Statement from Breeding Consultant Christiansen

"In Denmark, we are favoured by having many knowledgeable, financially strong and foresighted stallion owners who bring the best bloodlines and stallions to Denmark," said DWB breeding consultant Karina Christiansen. "That is why the Danish Warmblood stallion licensing in Herning has developed into a European final for the best young stallions from the foreign studbooks in combination with the Danish-bred young stallions. And it provides the Danish breeders a unique opportunity to improve and develop their breeding."

Danish warmblood licensing allows foreign bred stallions into its licensing, as well as into the premium ring. Five of the seven premium colts, were in fact, foreign bred this year, just two were bred in Denmark. Out of the 21 approved colts, eight were bred in Denmark.

The KWPN premium stallion Total Maclaren (by Totilas), which was a crowd favourite at the 2020 Dutch licensing and sold to Denmark right after, did not make it into the premium ring in Herning, which indicates that his x-rays are not of good enough quality according to DWB standard ( the KWPN also claims it upholds rigid X-ray requirements unless the horse is an exceptional mover). The KWPN premium stallion Majestic Taonga (by Toto Jr x Jazz) did not make it into the premium ring in Denmark either.

10-Day Testing in Torring

For Danish warmblood, colts are only allowed to breed after they pass the 10-day character test, immediately following the licensing. Later in the year they need to do the performance test to get licensed status.  

Of the 21 approved colts, only 18 began the 10-day character test, which started immediately the day after the licensing on Sunday 8 March. Not starting the 10-day testing are Gørklintgårds Royal, Hesselhoej Rock A Billy, and HP Valentino. 

Photo © Ridehesten

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