Corona Times: Hit & Run with Frederic Wandres

Tue, 04/28/2020 - 21:26
Hit & Run
Frederic Wandres at the 2019 CDI-W London :: Photo © Astrid Appels

In corona times we are all ordered to stay at home, self quarantine, and do social distancing. With more time on your hands to spend online, Eurodressage launches a "Hit & Run" interview series so that you get to know the world's most famous dressage riders and personalities more closely. 

German Grand Prix rider Frederic Wandres began his professional career riding for Gestut Bonhomme in Werder. However, his big break came when he was hired as in-house head rider at Hof Kasselmann in Hagen. Aboard Duke of Britain he rode himself into the German B-squad and won the 2018 World Cup Qualifier in Zakrzow and London. He won the 2017 Bundeschampionate on Fior, the 2019 Hamburg Dressage Derby as well as the 2019 German Professional Dressage Riders Championship. With the 6-year old Zucchero he won the 2019 World Championships for young dressage horses. 

Hit & Run - Frederic Wandres

What is your earliest memory? 

Playing horsey stuff in kindergarten

Which person alive do you admire the most and why?

For sure my father, he taught me everything to survive. In horse life, Dorothee Schneider, for me fascinating how every horse looks close to perfection

When were you the happiest?

During my vacation once a year

What is your biggest fear?

At the moment corona, but otherwise spiders

What was your first thought today?

Why is my iPhone not charging

What is your most annoying character trait?

Sometimes people say I can be a stubborn donkey

Which trait do you dislike the most in other people?

When people interrupt me while I'm talking

What is your dearest possession?

My dog Haya

If you look into the future, what do you see?

Im superstitious, i don’t plan, it comes as it comes

What makes you unhappy?

Being on a diet

What is the love of your life?

My partner, Lars Ligus.

What was the best choice you ever took in life?

Stop trying to be a jumping rider when I was a teenager and of course returning to the Kasselmann family in 2015

What's your guilty pleasure?

Spaghetti ice cream

What do you owe your parents?

Gratitude for raising me in a right way

Who can sit next to you at your dream dinner table?

Family first

What was the worst job you ever did?

Delivering the newspaper every Saturday when I was 16 in all types of weather

What was your biggest disappointment in life?

At the moment, the cancellation of the 2020 World Cup Finals in Las Vegas

What would you change if you can go back into the past?

Nothing so far

Name one thing that would improve your quality of life?

Being able to travel all over the world

What is your biggest achievement?

Last year's show season: for sure becoing World Champion with zucchero, winning the Hamburg Derby, deliver steady 80% and more during last World Cup season. These were all unforgettable achievements

What is the most important life lesson you have learnt?

Everything needs its time

Where would you like to be right now? 

Safari in South Africa with friends would be nice

What's your favourite scent?

Fresh laundry

Which character would you dress up in for Halloween?


To whom would you like to say sorry?

To everyone who knows the the donkey in me, I am sorry

What does love feel like for you?

When you’re there for each other in good and bad times

When are you most relaxed?

When I ride walk on the racetrack on a sunny day

What super power would you like to have?

Being a vampire

When did you last cry, and why?

When Zucchero passed away

When were you closest to death?

Maybe my last car accident

How do you want to be remembered?

The man with the bow tie

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