Swedish Innovation Ridesum Launches in English - Smarter Training Available for Everyone

Tue, 06/09/2020 - 10:34
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Swedish Innovation Ridesum Launches in English - Smarter Training Available for Everyone

The popular equestrian training app and collaboration platform Ridesum, used by thousands of riders and well-known trainers as Cathrine Dufour, Bo Jenå and Christoph Hess, is now available in English.

Trainers and riders from all over the world can connect and train live remotely only by using a smartphone and the Ridesum app.

Digital Training Services

Ridesum contains a searchable pool with more than 900 trainers and experts, a booking system, remote live training via video streaming and the possibility to request feedback on a pre-recorded training video. As a result, the app enables training anywhere anytime and accelerates riders’ & trainers’ results.

"We are experiencing a very high demand of our digital training services from the global horse community, which also has been fueled by the current global situation. We help trainers and experts to become more efficient and grow their business and riders to progress faster, when professional training becomes available for everyone. With Ridesum you can train anywhere, anytime," says Jenny Strahle, CEO and Founder of Ridesum.

Remote Video Training

In Ridesum riders can connect with more than 900 trainers and experts within a wide range of disciplines, skills and levels. The live video training can be used in a variety of situations, such as having a dressage or a jumping lesson or receiving coaching from trainer during warm-up on competitions. Mental coaching is also available, as well as advice in how to feed your horse from an equine nutritionist through a video session.

Team Ridsum's Jenny Stråhle, Karin Lindell, Mateusz Dziurla
"The remote video training is here to stay. The Ridesum app is user friendly, and it gives trainers the opportunity to keep in touch with their students much more often than before. A great upside is also the fact that it is a very environmentally friendly solution, as we reduce transports to and from training," says Lisen Bratt Fredricson, Swedish equestrian entrepreneur and showjumper, with an impressive track record - among them 2 Olympics.

"In May, I coached 100 lessons via Ridesum! The app enables me to coach from anywhere I am in the world. I can coach more students and they can book the time that suits them, not being dependent on travelling or location. I have renewed contact with former students whom I now coach via Ridesum. I recommend the trainers to help the riders to overcome their hesitation of being coached digitally by explaining how easy it is," says Marc André Wéry, Dressage Trainer based in Belgium.

Facts about Ridesum

Ridesum is a training app, available for smartphones and tablets. It was launched in Sweden in 2019

• The riders are able to train live digitally on their own or with the assistance of a person filming. How you choose to train is something you decide at the time of your training session

• The trainer coaches live via computer or tablet.

• The app can be downloaded for free in English and Swedish in App Store and Google Play.

Ridesum also offers Rider Premium – where the riders can record their digital training sessions

For more information, please contact:

Discover Ridesum at www.ridesum.se or on Facebook - Instagram