Training Sensitive Horses: Free Online Event with Tristan Tucker this Thursday

Wed, 03/17/2021 - 09:32
Tristan Tucker demonstrating his TRT method to desensitise horses

What do you do when your horse is so tense and tight in the muscles that you feel you're not able to ride from back to front, towards the rein? And how you do handle a horse that becomes so nervous whenever you give a leg or rein aid that he panics and starts to run off, spin around or rear?

Unfortunately, these problems usually don't go away if you simply continue your training like the way you did, hoping your horse will become used to it. As a matter of fact, it can even make the problems worse. Because every time your horse experiences an uncomfortable situation and responds with becoming tense and bracing himself, this can solidify the negative behavioral pattern.

But we do have good news.

According to Tristan Tucker, worldwide expert on training sensitive horses, there are certain steps you can take to change the negative behavioral patterns and replace them with patterns that will make your horse feel more comfortable and confident.

Free Online event on 18 March at 7.30 PM

Tristan Tucker
This Thursday, at 7.30 pm CET, Tristan will be demonstrating what these steps look like with two very sensitive mares during a live online event you can attend for free.

One of the horses easily becomes tense and spooky and responds by becoming strong and wanting to take over the tempo. Even to the extent of wanting to run off in a panic. The other horse easily becomes nervous whenever you give a leg of rein aid, which can lead to stopping, spinning around or even rearing.

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