Upcoming Live Zoom Class to Foster Improved Harmony and Ease in The Saddle

Sat, 05/01/2021 - 13:19
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6-Week Online Class Series on Wednesdays, starts May 19, 2021

Equestrian biomechanics expert, Dave Thind, has announced the launch of his next series of highly acclaimed unmounted seat-training training classes, live on Zoom.

“Lightness and Harmony” is a new Dave Thind Method (DTM) 6-week-series of online Zoom classes in human movement that will help riders of all levels attain a greater degree of harmony, softness, fluidity and physical comfort. Expect improvement both in and out of the saddle. Classes are online on Wednesdays, at 2pm EST (20:00 Central Europe) and again at 7pm EST (4pm Pacific). Registration allows riders to attend any, or both classes over the course of 6 weeks.

Movement Classes

Through simple yet effective movement classes, DTM helps riders gradually and safely change their movement patterns, improve posture and equestrian sport specific biomechanics. As the main tool for teaching and learning, Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement® lessons are custom tailored for dressage riders by Thind, who in addition to being a Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner®, is also certified as a German “Trainer A” and holds an International Trainer’s Passport (Level III).

Awareness Through Movement gives way to a personal journey of finding a greater understanding of one’s own movement and how these patterns affect our horses. Riders internally learn about anatomy and improved functional patterns. This, without studying books etc., but rather through exploring genius neuromuscular reprogramming lessons invented by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

This way of learning, without fail, promotes the development of “feel” and also shows up in an improved ability to find solutions in both educating and improving movement in our horses. We learn to become “accurate measuring devices” where we cultivate an ability to observe our own selves in a neutral way.

“The object of this learning is to remove outside authority from your inner life," said Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

Small Intimate Group Sizes

All classes are conducted in a positive, safe and welcoming community environment with students from all over the world. Classes are kept to smaller, intimate group sizes encouraging collaboration, open learning and 1:1 instruction.

After each class, students are encouraged to ask Feldenkrais and training related questions, often sharing motivating stories of improvement. Students are part of an international group, that meet each other with their commonalities rather than focus on differences. Despite the chosen discipline or style of riding, our goal is ultimately to create a happy, confident and attentive athlete.

A harmonious education of the horse can be seen by its hallmarks of calmness, suppleness, balance, soundness, ease in work and many other classical ideals. Through DTM lessons, students are armed with the knowledge, ability and confidence to better use their seat to allow for their horses to achieve their maximum potential. Seat training as we know is beneficial for riders of all levels.

“Dave is an expert on schooling riders. He is brilliant in teaching the correct rider’s position in a friendly and positive way and his students have good positions in the saddle - he himself also! I suggest that many of us should use the opportunity to train with Dave. Dave‘s training will make you happy and especially your horses happy. A smooth sitting rider who is swinging into the horses’ movements is a good horseman/horsewoman. This is important for the welfare of the horse. The better the rider’s position the happier the horse - and Dave helps his clients achieve good positions,” stated Christoph Hess.

Rave Reviews

Check out these rave reviews from the most recent DTM series that ended last week:!

~ “Your teaching has helped me heal myself by riding with a corrected, tension free posture. My horse's walk movements seem like they are massaging the joint spaces of my lower back and sacroiliac area. This again helps my spine to feel looser which relieves pain, even when I am off the horse! My riding too has improved!” -Delli

Intimate zoom classes, you can switch camera on or off
~ ”These classes were great. Not only has it helped my riding, my students have reaped the rewards of this class.” -Pam F

~ “I want to thank you for bringing the joy of movement back into my life and riding. It has already helped my students and our therapy horses tremendously! By taking a mindful still approach in motion, thought, and words have brought relaxation to deeply ingrained patterns of tension both in body and in mind in such a short period of time!” -Audrey K.

~ “These last classes have really helped my canter. Since I was a kid I’ve pumped at the canter and have never figured out how to change that. The pelvic clock movements and learning the swinging back and forth and pelvis to the belly button showed me how to isolate that part of my body and keep my upper body still. So thank you!!" -Joanne M This series in particular will have a specific focus on pain prevention and pain relief. For those riders who are currently working through pain, expect to find ways to channel and alleviate these pain points. While others who do not suffer from pain or stiffness can expect to find new degrees of comfort, awareness and subtlety in movement and riding! Perhaps even finding youthful suppleness.

“We practice our passion with rather large and heavy flight animals. Therefore it is quite common to sometimes end up working harder than we actually wish to. As most riders know, working harder is not necessarily better. It is my goal that after this series, riders will be able to find or further clarify for themselves, that less truly is more,” stated Thind “The subtleties that we will discover have the power to reduce the 'volume' of your aids, heighten the clarity and understanding of your aids, reduce anxiety in both horse and rider and much, much more!," continued Thind.

For more information, visit here. Special early bird pricing at $180.00 USD available until Monday May 3. That is only $30 per class, or $15 if you plan to attend both sessions each Wednesday! Regular pricing of $210 is offered until class registration closes.

Special Offer

As a bonus, at the end of the series, students will all receive a free introductory training video to begin to explore how they too, can use hands on Feldenkrais (Functional Integration) where riders will use touch on their horses to improve relaxation and specific functions like bending. The intention, adding yet another dimension to relationship building and suppling work.

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The Dave Thind Method is recommended by Olympians, Olympic Team Trainers, National Champions and Adult Amateurs alike. The bio-mechanically sound advice is approved by equestrians that are Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Feldenkrais Practitioners & Veterinarians.