2021 CDI-W Mechelen Cancelled

Thu, 12/02/2021 - 17:11
2019 was the last year that the CDI-W Mechelen / Jumping Mechelen competition took place :: Photo © Astrid Appels

With the fourth wave of the corona pandemic striking hard in West Europe at the beginning of the winter, it is raining cancellations of indoor events. Today not only the CDI Frankfurt announced its cancellation for 2021, but also the organizers of the CDI-W Mechelen did. 

Mechelen already issued a statement a few days ago that the it was becoming difficult to host a big indoor international dressage and show jumping competition with the increasing measures the Belgian government has been announcing the past few weeks.

No Audience Allowed

Tomorrow the government will most likely close down all indoor events in the country for the month of December, but Mechelen was not waiting for that decision. They pulled the plug themselves today.  Since October 2021 the infection rate in Belgium has been growing exponentially and last week more than 17,000 infections per day (population 11 million) were counted. Hospitals are already reaching the limit of ICU beds especially with much medical staff ill themselves or at home in quarantine.

"We can no longer ignore the cry for help of the hospitals and also for us the health of everyone in our society is the priority," the organizers stated. "Moreover, within the current COVID-19 measures, our event does not get the necessary oxygen to continue. Jumping Mechelen is a very diverse event, but is primarily considered an indoor sports event. No visitors are allowed there at the moment. And without our enthusiastic public, Jumping Mechelen simply cannot continue."

40th Edition

Two years in a row, the CDI-W Mechelen has been cancelled and the organizers had to postpone its 40th anniversary edition. 

"We share this news today with pain in our hearts, but feel greatly strengthened by our fantastic audience, our incredible staff, our loyal partners and our enthusiastic participants," said the organizers. "We will meet in 2022. In the Nekkerhal. For the most unforgettable Jumping Mechelen ever. So that we can finally blow out those 40 candles."