Young-Shik Hwang Prepares for Paris at Hof Kasselmann

Fri, 02/04/2022 - 08:08
Young-Shik Hwang on the Trakehner licensing champion Perpignan Noir at the 2022 CDN Ankum :: Photo © Ruchel

Korean Young-Shik Hwang, the 2010 Asian Games gold medal winner, has moved from training with Klaus Balkenhol to Hof Kasselmann, where he is preparing himself for his dream goal, the 2024 Paris Olympics.

The 31-year old Hwang moved from Rosendahl to Münster and then to Hagen in 2021, where he is taken under the wings of Hof Kasselmann for training and riding with possibly the 2022 Asian Games and ultimately the 2024 Paris Olympic Games as goal. 

Decorated at Asian Games

Hwang made his mark in Asian competition, winning the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou on Laura and the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon aboard Furstenberg.

He was coached by Chang-Moo Shin in 2010 and in preparation of the 2014 Games he sought guidance from Martin Schaudt in Germany.

In 2018 the Korean leased Martin Schaudt's Grand Prix horse Despino to gain mileage at the highest level. The duo was considerably successful at CDI's in Donaueschingen, Hagen, Munich, Fritzens, Cappeln, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. They obtained the individual rider slot for Korea for the 2020/2021 Olympic Games, but  trainer-student collaboration ended in 2020 and his Tokyo dream went up in smoke. 

Hof Kasselmann

Young Shik Hwang at the 2019 CDI Hagen
Hwang has been residing in Germany for several years. After he split with Schaudt, he moved to Munster to Jörg Jacobs's yard, but then discovered Bluebarry Dream through the Balkenhol family and went to train with them.

In the summer of 2021 Hwang went back to Münster and struck a co-operation with Hof Kasselmann for training and guidance towards Paris. One of the perks is that he will get extra horses to ride to achieve more mileage at small and big tour level. 

This week he competed two horses at small tour level at the CDN Ankum (1 - 5 February 2022) suggesting his intentions for 2022 Asian Games consideration.  Aboard his own Bluebarry Dream (by Benetton Dream x Wolkenstein II) he was fourth with 70.317% and aboard the 2015 Trakehner licensing champion Perpignan Noir he was 27th with 66.468%. The Trakehner was previously trained by Philip Kloth, Johanna Klippert, Ralf Kornprobst, and Anabel Balkenhol, The stallion is owned by Austrian duo Karl Ochsner and Dominik Hartl, who bought him at auction for 340,000 euro, and who now have him in training in Hagen.

Photos © Ruchel - Astrid Appels

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