10 Reasons Why You Cannot Miss 2022 SICAB

Fri, 11/04/2022 - 16:28
The beauty of the PRE horse celebrated at SICAB in Seville :: Photo © Lily Forado

by Lily Forado for USPRE

The equestrian calendar is full of events, but there is one that stands out the most for the Spanish Pure Bred horse and that is SICAB.

As the next destination in the calendar, the golden dome of the Seville Fair can already be seen on the horizon. PRE Breeders and enthusiasts cannot miss SICAB a world-class reference event, where the PRE is the sole protagonist during a week of festivities in the city of Sevilla. 

SICAB  is a must-stop for anyone interested in the PRE. The creation of SICAB (International PRE Horse Show) in 1990 determined the basis and spinal cord of the later development of the breed. SICAB has established itself as the leitmotiv, the last ratio, the motto, and the goal of all that has been done related to the PRE breeders.

KWPN has 's-Hertogenbosch, the Oldenburg horse has Vechta, the Hanoverian horse has Verden, and the PRE has SICAB in Sevilla. Organized by ANCCE (Royal Purebred Spanish Horse Breeders’ Association)the mother association for the Purebred Spanish Horse, this year’s edition will be held from the 15th to the 20th of November at the Convention Center and Fairgrounds known as Palacio de Exposiciones y Congresos in Sevilla (Spain).

Here are ten reasons why PRE lovers cannot miss SICAB: 

Packed arenas to watch the PRE compete in various disciplines

  1. Single-Themed Fair:  SICAB Is a single-theme equestrian trade fair, dedicated to a single breed. It is a world-class date on the international equestrian calendar and with a sole protagonist: the Purebred Spanish Horse. Right from the beginning, all the activities held during SICAB have sought to underline the beauty, skills, and characteristics of the PRE as a breed.
  2. Meeting place for professionals: In addition to delighting horse enthusiasts from all over the world, SICAB is an important meeting place for more than 65 countries, breeders, and professionals from the sector. It is a commercial platform, par excellence, for the Spanish Horse.
  3. Goal Season: SICAB is the motivation and the cause through which many breeders’ annual plans are organized. All the season comes down to those five days of competition
  4. Evolution and Showcase: SICAB   showcases the evolution of the breed annually.  It represents an essential and necessary element for the breed: a reference point that articulates a great part of the market and provides annual cohesion and communication for breeders and amateurs.

    Prix St Georges and Grand Prix level dressage competition
    at SICAB. Here you see Spanish team rider Claudio Castilla
    Ruiz compete at SICAB

  5. Wide Program of Activities: SICAB celebrates the PRE Horse World Championship, a sporting event where it showcases the Purebred Spanish Horse in different disciplines. During the five days, SICAB offers a wide program of activities where the versatility of the PRE can be seen in the finals of the ANCCE Cup for Dressage, Vaquera, High School, Carriage (Competition, Indoor, and Tradition), Working Equitation, Jumping, and Amazonas, as well as the exhibition contests and the equestrian show.
  6. Pavillions: SICAB has three pavilions, one dedicated to breeders’ stands, and a morphological arena for championships. The second one is fully devoted to commercial stands, that is to say, tack shopping, art, and equestrian brands. The third one is the covered arena purposeful for the sports activities such as dressage.
  7. Special Awards: During the year, the ultimate goal in Morphology is to qualify a horse for the big finale: “Premios Especiales”. The exhibitors, the mozos, the grooms, the handlers, the presenters, the riders, the beautiful girls selling sherry, the show officials, and the ANCCE VIPS cannot miss this nail-biting moment. Stud farms battle with all their competitive artillery for the long-awaited moment: the announcement of the overall winners.
    Romero de Trujillo, SICAB Champion of Champions
    and current Spanish Team horse who competed at the
    2022 World Championships in Herning
  8. Beauty in all colours and shapes:  Throughout the different pavilions, horses are stabled so everyone can watch the stallions and mares being groomed and prepared for their stellar moment.
  9. SevilleThe city of Seville is home to one of the most important and most visited monuments in Spain. Great local wine, fantastic traditional tapas, and a wealth of artistic and cultural activities to enjoy. There’s plenty to experience during a two- or three-day visit to Andalusia’s majestic capital.
  10. USPRE is back this year with a big stand where all the members can come by and have a place to chat and gather around.
Don't Miss SICAB

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SICAB 2022
SICAB fills more than five pavilions with stabling, shopping, restaurants, exhibition arenas, and hospitality stands, and there is no better place to be introduced to the culture of the south of Spain and the horse it has produced. During five days, the PRE exhibits its finery. SICAB is the largest PRE event in the world. People from all over the country and the world know about SICAB and some travel great distances to attend this unforgettable event. You won’t want to miss this captivating FIVE-day equestrian trade fair that celebrates el Caballo español.