Photo Report: Klimke Wins World Cup Qualifier at 2022 CDI-W Zakrzow, Severo Jurado Hot on Her Heels

Wed, 11/09/2022 - 12:10
2022 CDI-W Zakrzow
Ingrid Klimke and Franziskus win the world cup qualifier in Zakrzow, Poland :: Photos © Lukasz Kowalski

-- Text by Agata Grosicka, edited by Eurodressage - Photos © Lukasz Kowalski

The Silesian town of Zakrzów, Poland hosted CDI World Cup Qualifier on the last weekend of October and its field of starters was impressive with acclaimed contestants such as Ingrid Klimke, Severo Jurado Lopez, Kristy Oatley, as well as more ambitious newcomers to the world stage, such as Justina Vanagaite from Lithuania, Anush Agarwalla from India, and current Polish Champion Żaneta Skowronska – Kozubik defending the national honour.

The ground jury was led by Polish 4* judge Malgorzata Pawlowska, who was assited by Austrian 5* judge Elizabeth Max-Theurer, Swedish 5* Lars Andersson,  Danish 5* Kurt Christensen, and 4* judges Ilja Vietor, (SLO) and Trond Asmyr (NOR).

Klimke and Franziskus Shine in Poland

Ingrid Klimke and Franziskus FRH have definitely had a great season so far, the highlight being a team bronze medal at the 2022 World Championships in Herning. A week before the CDI Zakrzów the stallion Franziskus (Fidertanz x Alabaster) was awarded the prestigious FRH title by the Hanoverian breeding society. The victory in Zakrzów is one next step on their way to WC Finals next April.

“I’m here for the first time and happy for Franziskus because he likes this big stable, which is very quiet and he can look at his neighbour," said Ingrid. "The ground is perfect both in the warm up arena and in the ring. The atmosphere in the ring was very nice and he really listened to me. I could put everything together in a very smooth and nice way."

Klimke has been a leading in the world of eventing for more than two decades but in 2022 she finally made it onto the German dressage team for a major championship. 

Klimke and Franziskus
"Next year it will be 25 years I’ve been doing this as a business," she said. And I’ve always done two disciplines. I never could choose which is my favourite one. For sure I love eventing, especially cross-country, and I’m always very passionate about dressage. I’m very happy with Franziskus now because I’ve had him for nine years and we’ve had ups and downs so now I’m glad that we made a big step forward. We won the Freestyle in Munster and also here. I can come to the show and know that he’s behaving very well and listening. Still I can progress and still there are things which I can work on and which I would like to improve. My dream is for sure to go to the World Cup Finals, Europeans next year and Paris in two years. These are now our best years and I hope I can reap the fruits.

When asked which are the dressage successors in the barn, Ingrid named Freudentanzer (by Franziskus x Damon Hill) as well as Firlefranz and several other younger horses in the barn.

"I had Damon Hill when he was three and schooled him up to nine years old to become a Grand Prix winner. He was a very special horse for me so now I have one with the bloodlines of both my favourite stallions," said Ingrid. "Freudentanzer won PSG a few times and Inter I and I will bring him up to next level next year and he is definitely of the quality I want."

Klinke referred to four dressage horses she is excited about. "All of the sudden I have really some wonderful prospects which I would love to bring to the spot," she said.  "My eventing horses have a little break now and my dressage horses are first to go in the indoor season My next show will be Stuttgart and hopefully I will go to London for the World Cup and then we’ll see what comes in the spring."

Ingrid always looks for rideability in a horse over any other thing. "I don’t favour any particular dressage bloodlines. For me it’s important to see the horse and to feel the horse," she said. "My father used to say that it doesn’t matter if it’s mare or gelding or a stallion, chestnut or black. The most important is that the horse has a good head and energy from behind. The horse that is very good at his mind, wants to work and loves to work. Then everything else will happen."

Severo Jurado Lopez Paving the Way Back to the Top

Severo Jurado Lopez on Dahoud
With the departure of Fendi T from his barn after the 2021 European Dressage championships in Hagen, Severo Jurado Lopez moved away from the limelight but has been working his way back to the top with new horses. 

Severo brought two horses to Zakrzów: Dahoud and Fontainbleau. With the latter he won the Small tour on Friday and with the former he placed second in the World Cup qualifying Grand Prix freestyle. 

Jurado made his international Grand Prix debut on the 8-year old Hanoverian Dahoud (by Desiderio x Balou de Rouet) in March in Herning, competed him in Aalborg in May and then again in Zakrzow in October. They were second in the freestyle with 78.020%

Dahoud is 8 years only and he’s been with us longer. We’ve been taking care of his education. He came to us from a lovely couple in Germany who support us. We do believe in him. He’s been working really hard and he’s cool. He’s by Desiderio and he has a great character. It’s fun to ride him because he’s very clever and very aware about anything you ask him.

The Danish based Spaniard rode the 10-year old Oldenburg bred Fontainebleau (by Foundation x Depardieu) to victory in the Prix St Georges with 72.010%. It was the only test the horse did in Zakrzow. Owned by Ukrainian Viktoriya Golubyeva, the horse originates from Kerstin Klieber's barn.

“Fontainbleau came to us in a bit harsh circumstances," said Severo. "He came from Ukraine, from a very sweet family that I’ve been training and helping. That horse has been welcomed home and taken care of. So far we’ve tried to build his muscles and put him back in shape. He is a 10 year old very sweet horse with a great walk."

Jurado competed in Zakrzow for the first time and praised the safe boxes and good quality footing.  When asked what his plans for the future are, he replied; 

Severo Jurado on Fontainebleau
"We have two horses which are very interesting and we want to come out with them. With Dahoud I will take it step by step and show by show. He’s a young guy. The goal is to be in the top form for next year. it’s very important for Spain to get the Olympic qualification. Hopefully we can help with that. And the future is Paris. No question about it. To train horses and prepare them so they are perfect for Paris."

He set up his own business in 2020 which brought a whole new life for him compared to being on the payroll for someone else.

"I’ve ridden a lot of young horses in my life. Now in my own stable I’m more about what’s gonna be tomorrow and not only now and that’s it," he said. "I’m very careful of what I’m doing and when I compete my young horses. When I feel they’re good – they will go out and try to perform, but if one day I think it’s not the time, we’re not in a rush. Whatever’s coming, it’s welcome, but it has to be in the right way."

When asked to name his favourite horse, Severo declined.

"For me every horse is the best one," he said. "Every horse has amazing things and the weak ones just like people. Everyone has something and no one is the unique one. I try to love them for all what they have. I wouldn’t be fair if I chose just one among Fiontini, D’Avie, Springbank or Lorenzo because they all had their different amazing qualities.”

Vanagaite Gets First Ticket to 2023 World Cup Finals

Justina Vanagaite, here on her small tour horse Fedon
A person who can claim it was her weekend as the winner of the first ticket to next year's World Cup Finals in Omaha, Nebraska is Lithuanian Justina Vanagaite and her 9 year old BWP gelding Nabab (by Sir Donovan x Krack C). They finished third in Saturday’s GP Freestyle and as they ride in the Central European League they have achieved the right amount of points to gain direct access to the Finals

“I’m super happy that I reached the maximum points of the qualifications to the Finals," said Justina. "Zakrzów as always has been a super nice show. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the Finals. I’m really looking forward to competing there."

Photos © Lukasz Kowalski

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