Ponyforum GmbH: 2nd Online Youngster Auktion - Steendiek Special

Wed, 06/21/2023 - 10:11
Ponyforum Online
Cuba Blue (by Steendieks California Blue - The Breas My Mobility - Linaro)

After the sensational success of the inaugural edition of the "Steendiek Special" last year, Ponyforum GmbH is proud to present the second edition on 20 - 28 June 2023.

In the auction collection there are 20 highly interesting riding pony youngsters either bred or owned by Peter Böge's renowned Holsteiner Gestut Steendiek. 

Steendiek's Diamonds in the Rough

We are thrilled to present our clients an outstanding collection of high class three- and four-year old green riding ponies from the best bloodlines of the stud farm.  Many of the auction ponies are directly related to the most famous Steendiek ponies, which are successful all over the world. 

Numerous ponies from last years' collections have fulfilled the high expectations and are successful in competition sport or developing in an excellent towards becoming a family pony. The feedback from the satisfied customers was overwhelming. 

Fully Vetted, Insured, Immediate Buy Possible

Cheenok (by Steendieks Carlo Carlucci - Champion)
All ponies are presented with photos, videos, information about their pedigree and of course a current vet report, including X-rays. All ponies are insured with our loyal insurance partner, GHV Insurance. They can join their new homes fully protected with incomparable protection. 

As always there is the option for an "immediate buy" in the first auction phase if the right price is offered. For all ponies in the collection there is a fixed price for an immediate sale, so clients don't want to wait until the end of the auction to buy their favourite.  Contact the sales team to find out these prices. 

Information about ponies in the collection as well as general auction info, can be obtained through the Ponyforum sales office

Eckhard Scharf Tel. + 49 173 9928653
Verena Prior Tel. + 49 173 2786578
Larissa Lazarevic Tel. + 49 173 3516268



Dunkelgold (by FS Daddy Cool - Principal Boy)