Triomfator T, Manolo, Jackpot Get Top Prices in Fall 2023 Foal Auctions

Thu, 10/05/2023 - 09:40
KWPN Online Auctions
Triomfator T (by Bordeaux x Vivaldi)

Although the foal auction series for 2023 has come to a close for some studbooks, for others the selling of youngstock still took place at the end of September.

KWPN: Triomfator T

The KWPN breeding society held its own series of online foal auction and at the seventh edition this year the colt Triomfator T (by Bordeaux x Vivaldi) became the best seller. He sold for 15,000 euro to Gabrielle Rensink, who also bought True Love AEH (Frankie Lee x Just Wimphof)  for 6,500 euro.  

Twilight (by Livius x Stedinger) sold to Spain for 5,000 euro and he'll be joined by Temptation van de Heidehoeve (by Glamourdale x Ferdinand) for 3,250 euro.

The majority of the foals sold between 3,000 and 4,000 euro.

DSP: Manolo

At the last DSP online foal auction of the year on 26 September 2023 a collection of 32 foals was offered for sale, 29 were presented and28 of them sold to new owners. The average price was 5,848 euro.

Manolo (by Morricone x Descolari), bred by Maria Lemme, was the best seller at 12,000 euro. 

Viva Weltino (by Vitalis x Dante Weltino), bred by ZG Marquart, went for 8,500 euro to Austria, and Zensation (by Zalamander x Furst Romancier) sold for 7,750 euro. Fair Lady (by Fair Deal x Fidertanz) sold for 7,250 euro to Switzerland.

For Vivaldo (by For Real x Le Vivaldi) moves to Denmark for 4,500 euro. A Swede bought Zowia (by Zalamander x St. Moritz) for 4,250 euro.

Westfalen: Jackpot

Although the Westfalian society announced that their last foal auction was held at the end of September, there was actually another "Last Chance" auction for which the online bidding concluded on 1 October 2023. 

 The best seller was Jackpot (by Jovian x Dankeschön) which sold for 9,500 euro to Switzerland. 

Fort Lauderdale (by Franziskus x Sandro Hit) fetched 8,000 euro, while Sensation (by Secret x Finest) moves to Austria for 6,750 euro. The same price was paid for Empire (by Escolar x Sir Donnerhall).

A Frenchman bought Join Us (by Juwel x Vitalis) for 4,500 euro and Funkemarie (by Franziskus x Hickstead White) for 4,250 euro. Also going to France is pony foal Alles Paletti (by Amucello x Man in Black) for 2,250 euro.

A Spaniard secured Die Zarte (by Hesselhoj Downtown x Sezuan) for 4,250 euro. A Polish client got Skyfall S (by Sky x Belissimo M) for 4,000 euro.

The pony foal Deluxo (by Dimension AT x Der Feine Lord AT) found a new home in Switzerland for 4,250 euro.

Westfalen: Advanced Horse Auction Cancelled

The Westfalian breeding society launched a new project to hold a mini auction of advanced level trained horses in partnership with Team Balkenhol. This auction ended up being cancelled and became an open sales. 

Six horses were offered for sale: Amando's Hope (by All at Once x Scandic), Lasogga S (by Lord Loxley x Grosso Z), Quentin vZ (by Quaterback x Latimer), Silverline (by Sunday x Ehrenmann), Garant Dree Boeken (by Grey Flanell x Werther) and Random B (by Rock Forever x Don Gregory). The starting price was 100,000 euro for each horse. 

“We have found that the time factor plays a crucial role in the sale of further trained horses. A fixed auction date makes it more difficult for everyone involved to achieve successful marketing. For this reason, we would now like to offer the horses for free sale,” says auction and marketing manager Thomas Münch, explaining the decision.

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