Fidelia, Price Highlight of the 2023 DSP Autumn Sport Horse Auction in Marbach

Thu, 11/09/2023 - 09:10
The dressage bred Fidelia (by For Romance x Weltmeyer) sold as a hunter to the U.S.A.

The 4-year old Fidelia became the price highlight of the DSP sport horse auction held in Marbach on 29 October 2023.

A total of 38 riding horses, stallions and riding ponies came under the auction hammer of Hendrik Schulze-Rückamp on Sunday afternoon. 87% of the collection was sold.

Fidelia (by For Romance x Weltmeyer), bred and owned by Gestüt Reuthalmühle, had another foal this year and had only been back in training for two months on the day of the auction. Customers from the hunter market in the USA noticed her and a new customer from California finally won the bid for 63,000 euro.

The 6-year old Benedikt (by Ben Benicio x Quaterback), bred by Frank Klakow, sold for 50,000 euro. In the future he will be seen in junior sports with a very talented young lady from southern Baden-Württemberg.

Zacapa Negra (by Zalando x Casparino) sold to regular customers from Baden-Württemberg for 36,000 euro. They also bought Bajonay Walkan (by Bernay) for 21,000 euro. Big Heart of Gold (by Best of Gold x Lord Leopold) fetched 31,000 euro.

Penny Lane (by Valverde x Quaterback) sold for 31,000 euro, Quality (by Q-Sieben x Imperio) went for 24,000 euro.

The licensed 2.5-year old pony Wischhoffs Cash (by FS Clarimo x High Flow's Oxford) sold for 15,500 euro to a buyer from Baden-Württemberg. The non-licensed palomino Dr. Snuggels (by Dimaggio SeM x Garfield) moves to the U.S.A. for 15,500 euro

Six horses will leave Germany (3 x USA, United Arab Emirates, Switzerland, France). The average price for a horse in this collection was 23,680 euro for riding horses, and 12,500 euro for a pony.

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