Elite Dressage: Plan Ahead For A Future Star

Tue, 03/12/2024 - 13:25
Training and Sales
International Grand Prix rider Anna Ross of Elite Dressage :: Photos © Tanja Davis

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Elite Dressage are celebrating an all time record Winter Regional Championships with 21 golden tickets to the Winter Nationals secured.

The team has a world class reputation for breeding, training and sales of topflight dressage horses direct from source. They have sold to multiple international riders who have benefitted from planning ahead to secure their future dressage champions.

The Smart Purchase

“The most common sales request I get is for a 5-year old with some experience and potential,” said Anna, “The more savvy clients are realizing it’s better value to buy at 3 or 4 years old, and many leave them with us to train on until they’re ready to go home.”

“I’ve lost count of the amount of clients set on a 5-year old who’ve travelled across the UK and Europe searching for the right one and come back to us after disappointment and expensive vet failures; in that time they could have bought a 4-year old with full x-rays and known history from us and had it up and running in training for 6 months or more!

Lilly Kelly on Newton Tiger
We have clients who come and train with us regularly until they feel ready to take their new partner home. And we can do all the daunting ‘firsts’ – hacking, loading, shows – it takes so much of the stress away.”

Happy Competition Horses

Some of the young horses still live in barns in their friendship groups and are unshod at this stage in their careers. Anna and the team are proud they can showcase generations of Elite Dressage horses from foals through to Grand Prix all produced in a natural way, growing up herds on the Devon hills and continuing their training with international riders with a variety of schooling indoors, outdoors and regular hacking through the Devon hills.

“We’re proud to know our horses are hugely talented, but at the same time happy, sane and sound, as a result of the genuine balanced training programme developed by our team.”

Tom Carter and Newton Despina won the
preliminary silver class at the 2023 British
Photos © Kevin Sparrow
“We provide a friendly, personal service to clients so they can come and try a range of top-class horses, and as well as experiencing the ride, see how they’re handled, where they grew up and learn about their parents and siblings too, most of whom we have trained and competed ourselves.”

All the horses come with a full set of x-rays and usually with the full history, siblings and parents known, so even if it’s a youngster, we can give them a full picture of the horse going back generations. 

A horse purchase will never be a sure thing, but you can stack the odds in your favour.

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