Wanted: Joint Venture Partner to Take FEI Dressage Pony to the Top

Sun, 03/17/2024 - 09:23
Pony Wanted
Photo © Simii Photography

A Danish pony and sport loving family is looking for joint venture partners.
Do you have a top FEI dressage pony with the potential to compete successfully at European top level, but are you missing a pony rider who has the right setup, experience and talent to compete your pony at this level?
Danish pony rider, just 14 years old, part of the Danish national pony dressage team, would like to ride such a pony, support it and get to the top of the European pony dressage sport with daily training of the Danish national team trainer. 

She has already achieved international FEI placings, taken part in the Nations Cup and the European Pony Championships in Le Mans, where she won ream silver.
With the right pony, this rider can be part of the Danish national team this year and be able to compete internationally.

Even with a pony that has the necessary quality, but perhaps not yet have the final training, experience or routine at FEI level, everything can be done to achieve this goal.
We are open to various cooperation agreements from which all parties can benefit.
Private stable with good, quiet conditions, varied training, and lots of loving care and attention will be supplied.

Stallions welcome.

If you have such a pony, please reach out to: