2024 Horses & Dreams & Oldenburg Foal Auction: Collection Online

Tue, 04/16/2024 - 10:22
Oldenburg Auctions

The phenomenal collection of the Elite Foal Auction, taking place as part of 2024 Horses & Dreams in Hagen, is now available online with photos and videos for you to explore.

Discover your talented future star today!

Horses & Dreams Partner with Oldenburg

For the first time, an Oldenburg Elite Foal Auction is taking place on the premises of Horses & Dreams on the Hof Kasselmann. 

Sixteen exquisitely bred elite foals introduce themselves and eagerly await bids. The exciting auction starts on Friday, April 26th at 8:30 PM.

Dressage sires, including stars like Viva Gold, the champion stallions V-Power, Dynamic Dream, and Fynch Hatton, Escaneno, and Most wanted Nero by Bellin, present their offspring. 

Further, the jumping foals impress with international pedigrees including top-class sires as well. High-caliber stallions such as Ermitage Kalone, Drako de Maugre, Zinedine, Vingino, Casallco, and Kashmir v.h. Schuttershof, paired with athletic jumping dam lines, will be showcased. Do not miss the opportunity to secure an Oldenburg sports star of tomorrow.

Bid Live or Online

Of course, you can bid on your favorite live in Hagen or conveniently over the phone via bidding order or through the HORSE24 online platform. If you do not yet have a valid account with HORSE24, please register in advance.

Click here to redirected to the whole collection: www.oldenburger-auction.com 

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