Hattricks at the 2024 CPEDI Hagen - Morganti, Howard, Shoemaker and Malmstrom Do the Triple

Wed, 06/12/2024 - 15:59
2024 CPEDI Hagen
Sara Morganti at the inaugural international para dressage competition at Hof Kasselmann: the 2024 CPEDI Hagen :: Photo © Astrid Appels

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It was all about hattricks at the 2024 CPEDI Hagen on 7 - 9 June 2023. Para dressage riders Sara Morganti, Fiona Howard, Kate Shoemaker and Lena Malmstrom all achieved a triple vicotry in their respective divisions. Only in Grade III Rebecca Hart battled it out with Chiara Zenati for a double win.

Grade I: Morganti Untouchable

Four-time World Champion, European silver and bronze medallist, and Paralympic bronze medallist Sara Morganti (ITA) managed a triple win in the Grade I Grand Prix. She rode her European championship mount Mariebelle (by Lissaro van de Helle x Lys de Darmen) into first place on 73.403 percent and her Tokyo 2020 partner Royal Delight (by Royaldik x Don Primero) into second place with 73.056 percent in the Grand Prix A test. Singaporean Gemma Rose Jen Foo and Mona Lisa (by Flavio Briatore x Ferro) completed the podium. 

Morganti also made it a 1-2 in the B-test with scores of 75.972% and 74.097%. The Italian concluded the weekend by riding Mariebelle into the 80 percent club with their Grade I freestyle. Singaporean Laurentia Tan and Hickstead (Brainpower x Visioen) (76.056) and Japanese Junichiro Okawa (JPN) and RH’s Totally Joker (by Totilas x Dream of Glory) finished in second and third place (73.200). 

"“I couldn’t be happier! Everything went well and I got the music in the right moments. Incredible," Morganti cheered.

Laura Conz, Italian Grand Prix rider and trainer of Morganti, explained that, "“I am here looking after Sara Morganti and Francesca Salvadè from the Italian team and Pepo Puch from Austria. I am very happy to be able to help them. As soon as we knew there was going to be a CPEDI here in Hagen, we immediately said that this is going to be our selection event for the Paralympic Games. It’s a super place with a great organisation and the right atmosphere as a preparation to go into the Paris stadium. It’s the perfect opportunity for our Para riders. We don’t often have the chance to ride in a stadium other than in a championship, so we are grateful to the Kasselmann family and their team. We can do this every week!”

Grade II: Hattrick for Howard

Fiona Howard on Diamond Dunes
The Grade II division was an easy prey for America Fiona Howard who achieved a hattrick. She has only recently taken over the reins on the Hof Kasselmann owned Diamond Dunes (by De L'Or x Wolkentanz II) but this pairing has proven to be win-win situation. With a 76.264 percent Howard easily won over Pepo Puch (AUT) and his long-time partner Sailor’s Blue (by Swarovski x Arogno) and Roberta Sheffield (CAN) with Fairuza (pedigree unknown) in the Grand Prix A Test. 

Howard continued to reign in the Grand Prix B test witj 77.056% and on Sunday won the freestyle with 79.023%. Fellow American Beatrice de Lavalette and Sixth Sense (by Sir Donnerhall x Florencio) were runner up on 76.589% ahead of Pepo Puch (AUT) and Sailor’s Blue (73.333). 

“Diamond Dunes was really really good," said Fiona Howard. "It’s tough in Para because we have three days in a row, so the third day can be quite tiring on our horses. But he really held it together for me and helped me out a lot, even when I was tired. I can’t thank the Kasselmann family enough for giving me the opportunity to ride him. He just blew me away this week, he’s got so much heart.” 

Grade III: Hart and Zenati Battle it Out

In Grade III it was a duel between American Rebecca Hart and French Chiara Zenati.

Rebecca Hart on Floratina
The Grand Prix Test A was won by Rebecca Hart (USA) and Floratina (by Fidertanz x Rubin Royal). They have been a combination for exactly a year now and celebrated their anniversary with a personal best score of 76.500%. Dutch Rixt van der Horst and   Fonq (by Furst Fohlenhof x Lissaro van de Helle) came second ahead of another Paris 2024 hopeful, Chiara Zenati and Swing Royal (by Royal Blend x Matcho AA). 

“I feel fantastic! This is the final observation event for the U.S. Paralympic team selection and to come out with a mare that I think is so special and get a personal best is great," said Hart after the Grand Prix A. "We have been building up to this over the last two months and worked on the harmony, the flow and a few of the technical things. I am a Grade III competitor, I can’t use my legs. Floratina has been an able-bodied horse her entire life and to be able to transition from an able-bodied cue to my Para cue has taken time. We have taken time to develop that partnership and that really came out in the ring today. She’s just the most amazing horse, she wants it as much as I do. I’m so lucky to have her.” 

Chiara Zenati on Swing Royal
In the Grand Prix B test the two swapped places with Zenati winning on 74.66% and Hart second with 73.056%. In the Freestyle  Rebecca Hart and Floratina danced to their ‘Driving Miss Daisy’ freestyle music for a near 80 percent score (79.345). Floratina’s owner Rowan O’Riley wore  a lucky daisy flower in her lapel in support of the pair. Van der Horst (NED) and  Fonq posted a new personal best score of 78.500 percent to place second ahead of Zenati  with 75.967%. 

“The score was right up there, we are always fine-tuning," said Rebecca Hart. "We have done this Freestyle with her for a year. It’s actually the music by Marleen Whitaker and it’s ‘Driving Miss Daisy”. I find this music very fun, light and happy and that’s just how I feel when I ride her.”

Grade IV: Shoemaker's Perfect Treble

Kate DShoemaker on Vianne
Kate Shoemaker and the grey U.S bred mare Vianne (by Vitalis x Ramiro's Bube) made the American sweep complete in the Grade IV. The pair continued their recent winning streak that started in Doha with a great performance in Hagen: wining all three Grade IV tests. She won the Grand Prix A test with 74.769 percent. French Paralympian Vladimir Vinchon and Pegase Mayenne (by Fidertanz x Depardieu) came second ahead of Danish Pia Wulff Jelstrup with Zafia (by Blue Hors Zee Me Blue x Caretino). 

Shoemaker  and Vianne continued their winning ways  in the Grand Prix B test with 74.730%, as well as in the freestyle, making it a perfect treble this weekend. Shoemaker is one of the most decorated U.S. para riders and currently sits at the top of the FEI world ranking in Grade IV. Her freestyle was awarded 78.450 percent, putting a sizeable margin on second placed Alexia Pittier (FRA) and Sultan (by Sarotti Mocca Sahne x Weltmeyer - 76.417) and Pia Wulff Jelstrup with Zafia (73.958). 

Pia Wulff Jelstrup pats Zafia
“Vianne felt really nice in the freestyle. It’s our first time riding our new music, so to be able to ride it that well today makes me very happy. It just means that from here on we can go on and perfect the little details and hopefully make it really wonderful. I sat on her for the first time in January and from the very beginning everything was so easy with her developing her into a Para horse. She’s always waiting for me to tell her something. Each test is getting better and better. I’m just really excited about the partnership with her and love her so much. 

“I have been dreaming about competing internationally here at Hof Kasselmann for some time," Shoemaker added, who has shopped for horses at Kasselmann's befor. "This weekend I had the chance to ride for my country in the stadium and it’s just the most amazing feeling. I’m really thankful to everyone here, the whole team at Kasselmann’s and Horses and Dreams Entertainment. I cannot express how much it means to me!”

Grade V: A Triple for Malmstrom

Swedish Lena Malmström  and her home-bred mare Fabulous Fidelie (by Floricello x Don Romantic) also made it a triple in Hagen. She won the Grand Prix A text with  72.479%  ahead of Lisa Cez (FRA) on Stallone de Hus (by Soliman x Rubin Royal) and  Carmen Grønvold Johannessen with Hoejgaardens Santos (by San Amour x Friendship).

Lena Malmstrom on Fabulous Fidelie
In the Grand Prix B-test Malmstrom again dominated the field of 15 riders with a almost 2% advantage, winning on 72.456%. She went on to claim victory in the Kur with 75.000 %, ahead of young Norwegian Carmen Grønvold Johannessen and Hoejgaardens Santos (74.817%).

The 22-year old Grønvold Johannessen is very familiar with the show grounds at Hagen, having previously competed here as a pony and young rider during "Future Champions". She sustained tendon injuries after a fall from a horse and decided to change to para dressage. Now she’s back on the podium with the same horse that took her to international youth success. Lisa Cez (FRA) and Stallone de Hus completed the top three with 74.425 percent. 

 “I was feeling a bit nervous, because I changed my freestyle a bit," said Malmstrom. "I had a lot of pressure to do it well and I think I almost did that today. Now that it’s finished I feel a big relief. The scores were coming this weekend and everything is just flowing at the moment. This place is amazing, we had a lot of fun and everybody has been very nice. We are very happy to be here and I will be back!”

Kameo asking for sugar
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