Mirrors for Training: The Perfect Gift for the Dressage Enthusiast

Wed, 11/21/2018 - 08:08
Mirrors for Training, an easy tool to correct your position

With the new year on the horizon we are sure you are looking for something new to put a special boost in training ready for 2019 after all we are sure you want 2019 to be your most successful yet……. So why not the gift of reflection…….. giving you that all important visual feedback.

An arena mirror on a stand won’t fit in a Christmas stocking or under the tree, but it is sure to delight that special rider in your life. It is a wonderful training aid, providing that useful feedback we all need to up our game in the saddle.

Training mirrors are an essential part riding development process. The mirrors aid with correction of posture and help to improve body alignment, core stability & balance. For a horse rider, mirrors are an essential training aid.

Our arena mirrors are secured within sealed galvanised framed unit preventing water ingress and have an impact layer (absorbing any shock, this prevents breakages, flex and distortion). Each mirror is 8ft x 4ft x 6mm safety backed to British Standard (this safety backing ensures that no large shards of glass come away should the mirror have an impact.

Arena mirrors installed in an indoor
Our mirrors are installed in a unique way that prevents them failing in strong winds where other companies fail - we know as we are called to replace over 500 of our competitors that fail each year - we replace approx 10 a year, of our own- that’s the difference. Mirrors for Training system of mirrors is extremely durable and weather retardant - also we offer a re-mirroring service so this is a long life product

The movements in dressage all have a purpose. They are there to help improve the horse’s suppleness, his balance and his reaction to your aids. I find that the movements can also help you discover where your horse needs a bit more work. I am a firm believer that if the movement is not going well, just continuing to practice it with the same mistakes over and over again is detrimental to the horse’s training - If you have a problem in a movement, you, the rider, being the smarter of the two in the partnership, needs to figure out which aid is not working for you, and it is easy to spot this in the mirrors

Dressage is all about striving for perfection in the arena, so boost your look and performance, we no our system of mirrors can help you achieve your goals and stay ahead of the competition.

The perfect training tool to correct your position
Installing a dressage mirrors in your arena is an essential training aid, not only does it give you an immediate reflection on the standard of your riding correctness, but it will also assist you in gaining confidence in how your ride and your horses way of going. We pride ourselves in the high quality of our products and satisfaction of our customers and is therefore known as the leader in the industry.

Supplied and Installed throughout Europe

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