Dressage Top International Auction, a Pioneering Initiative Attracts International Interest

Sat, 08/19/2023 - 09:28
Dressage Top International Auction
Samba, yearling by Jasmim Plus x Dom HI :: Photo © Rita Vitorinio / Lusitano World

The Dressage Top International Auction garnered a great deal of attention: this pioneering initiative for the Lusitano breed raised significant interest from  buyers from all around the globe. 

With 14 horses finding new homes, bids concentrated on the most talented prospects, particularly those closer to 3 years of age, who displayed great potential and top-tier quality, viewed as ideal candidates for future success in dressage competitions. Their quality drove the bidding wars, resulting in competitive offers!

Samba (by Jasmim Plus x Dom HI) – recently awarded with the title of best female in hand at the International Lusitano Horse Show, as well as Rubro Negro (by Quaterhit x Imperador) sold to Coudelaria Correia de Sá e Costa for 45,000 euro and 28,000 euro. This stud also closed a partnership with Dressage Top on the horse Rolex (by Quaterhit x Helvecio), for whom the highest bid was 46,000 euro.

Raia (by Junto x Dom HI) and Raiz (by Seret x Dragon) sold to Carmen Hanson and Phill Silva in the U.S.A. for 12,000 and 14,500 euro, Heureca Santana (by Dragon x Solar Pin)  and Surpresa (by Owala Plus x Imperador HI) sold to France for 18,500 euro and 11,000 euro.  Rei and Nêspera do Drosa were also amongst the horses that made bidders' hearts beat faster.  The highest bid on Nespera do Drosa (by Rubi x Joca) was 106,000 euro but he will stay in Portugal.

Despite the overall interest in the auction catalogue, some horses did not meet the reserve price set by Dressage Top’s team. Rather than allowing these prospects to be undervalued, the team made the decision to retain these horses and make them available for private sales. "Dressage Top decided to keep certain horses within their own stables to nurture their development and training," said their press agent. "These strategic decisions were driven by an unwavering belief in the immense potential of these horses - by keeping them at home the team aims to develop them and in future showcase their talents in the dressage ring."

When questioned about the final balance of the auction, Rodrigo Guedes da Cunha comments that “we couldn't help but anticipate even more courageous bidders stepping forward to seize the opportunity to own some of these equine prospects. The auction was a pioneering initiative and I believe the market observed the event very carefully and attentively! We had hoped to see even greater participation and spirited bidding, yet we are happy with the experience and final outcome! To the new owners of these horses, we extend our warmest congratulations. We have every confidence that these new partnerships will yield remarkable achievements in the show ring and beyond!”

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