Moderate Prices in 2023 Westfalian Online Youngster Auction - Vilnius Bestseller

Tue, 11/14/2023 - 08:23
Westfalian Auction News
Vilnius (by Vaderland x Ehrentusch) :: Photo © Reckimedia

Vilnius became the best selling horse in the 2023 Westfalian Online Youngster Auction of 2-year olds for which the bidding concluded on 13 November 2023.

Breeders are clearing their horse stock before winter and a collection of 21 unridden youngster were up for sale. With an average price of 12,016 euro, 16 of them found a new owner. 

Vilnius (by Vaderland x Ehrentusch) was the best seller. Bred by Adolf-Theo Schurf, the bay sold for 20,500 euro to a German client.

Taekwondo (by Taurus x Furstenball) was the second most expensive horse, selling for 17,000 euro to a German.

American clients bought Dayton R (by Dimaggio Black x Hochadel) and Top Star (by Taurus x Lauries Crusador xx) for 16,000 euro. 

A Spaniard bought Tomorrowland (by Total McLaren x Lauries Crusador xx) for 12,500 euro, while Jan Pieter Dalsem's Fantastico (by Fidertanz x Johnson) returns to Holland for 10,000 euro.

A Dane secured Bugatti (by Bonds x Furst Heinrich) for 8,500 euro.

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