Valdemossa de Colonia, Best Seller of the 2024 Westfalian Spring Elite Auction

Sun, 04/14/2024 - 23:04
Westfalian Auction News
Valdemossa de Colonia at the 2024 Westfalian spring elite auction :: Photo © Reckimedia

Valdemossa de Colonia became the best seller of the 2024 Westfalian spring elite auction for which the bidding concluded on Sunday 14 April 2024. 

A big collection of 60 riding horses and 15 foals was up for sale. Almost 80 percent of the riding horses changed hands for an average price of 40,138 euro. Eleven foals sold for an average price of 11,364 euro.

Price highlight was catalog nr 1, Valdemossa de Colonia (by Vaderland x Sir Donnerhall) who sold for a whopping 296,000 euro to an online bidder from Germany, who turned out to be Maik Kanitzky. The horse is bred by bZG Kellerwessel. 

The second most expensive horse was Vino Tinto (by Viva Gold x Enzo Ferrari) bred by the German base spaniard Manuel Sanchez. He sold for 161,000 euro to Dutch clients. Eugene Reesink came forward as the buyer and had the stallion licensed by the Westfalian society in a private licensing the next morning.

Glitzerbiene (by Glamourdale x Furst Wilhelm)
Flirtfaktor (by Furst Samarant x Sir Donnerhall), bred by Klein & Mömersheim and owned by Beckmann and IB Berger,  sold for 118,000 euro and will stay in Germany. 

Licensed pony stallion Komplett (by Kachung x Cezanne de Luxe), who is bred and owned by  Jill Mieleszko-Vekens and who became reserve bundeschampion in 2023, sold for 95,000 euro  to China.

German buyers bought Vision (by Vitalis x Sir Donnerhall) for 66,000 euro, Furnival (by Franziskus x Fürst Grandios) for 57,000 €, AK´s Freixenet (by Fahrenheit x Samba Hit) for 46,000 €, the licensed stallion Scapa (by Springbank II x Earl) for 50,000 €, and Sesimbra-H (by Secret x Fidertanz) for 45,000 euro. Zaubertraum (by Zoom x Belissimo M) moves abroad for 36.000 €. 

The best selling foal was Glitzerbiene (by Glamourdale x Furst Wilhelm) which fetched 35,000 euro. Valentino Gold (by V-Power x Totilas) went for 20,000 euro, Fair Lady (by Follow Up x Johnson) for 14,000 euro, and Baldwin (by Bon Esprit x Borsalino) for 11,500 euro.

Complete results here.

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