2nd January 2003 - New Year Resolutions

Thu, 01/02/2003 - 00:00

Eurodressage likes to wish all its readers a very healthy, happy and horsey New Year. 2002 was an incredible success year for the website. Never before have we had so many visitors, especially during the 2002 World Equestrian Games coverage. We want to thank all our loyal visitors and hope that they continue to be satisfied with eurodressage.com

Eurodressage also wants to thank its partners in crime, our wonderful crew of photographers: Dirk Caremans, Mary Phelps, JJ Hathaway and Arnd Bronkhorst are the persons who double the value of this site.

Eurodressage has never feared to take on a controversive attitude in its editorials. Although this site is about dressage and breeding, there is more to life than horses. The problems in our society and world transcend the ego-embellishing articles of dressage riders and their gorgeous horses.

It is, therefore, that I want to write down some New Years resolutions and personal wishes to take place in 2003.

- President Bush, keep your troops out of Iraq and look at your own country first before attacking another nation. Your war is based on your family fueled hatred, desire to rule the world and not an act against terrorism. China will be the economic capital of the world, not the U.S.

- No oil pumping in Alaska

- Prosecute those who are guilty for the biggest ecological disaster of the year: the sinking of the oil tanker Prestige, polluting the sea with 70,000 tons of oil.

- Say no to the death penalty

- Be wise enough to see through the superficial, racist programme of the Belgian facist party Vlaams Blok when voting this year for a new parliament in Belgium.

- I wish my horse Grace a good health. Thank you Grace for surviving your colic attack. Didi, many happy days in the pasture and I hope I can keep giving you as much love as before.

--Astrid Appels