Bret Willson, Making Quality Horse Shopping Easy

Thu, 08/12/2010 - 00:40
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The whole adventure of buying a horse in Europe can be overwhelming and frightful. The journey is costly and time consuming and one is never certain that the quality of the horses will be up to one’s standard

 when not relying on a professional pair of eyes which has reviewed each horse beforehand. British Bret Willson can make your entire European shopping trip an exhilarating experience that is well organized, in the height of luxury and flexible enough to rearrange one’s schedule for a second or third visit to the horse of your choice.

Bret Willson is born in Great Britain into horsey family and began his riding career at the age of 5. Surrounded by horses from a young age, it soon became evident to everyone that he had an unrivaled love for horses. By the age of 12 and with the help of British Team coach Paul Fielder, Bret was selected for the European Pony Championships as the first boy to represent Great Britain at FEI pony level.

After several European Championships, the 16-year old Bret finished his schooling at the Presitgous Kings School in Rochester, Kent, and made his way to Germany to further his training with German team trainer Hans-Heinrich Meyer zu Strohen, where he stayed for several happy years.

“Choosing to move to Germany to train at such a young age was difficult but it was also one of the best decision I have ever made,” said Bret

In 1994 Bret was offered the opportunity to move to the renowed Grönwohldhof to work and train with the legendary Herbert Rehbein. He also prepared and presented young horses for the Verden Elite Auctions, giving him much experience in training youngsters of all levels of quality.

Five years later Bret returned home to England where he took over the family business, a successful Stud and Training Yard in the heart of the Kent countryside. Bret’s continued success in the arena brought him National Championship titles and British team honours.

Over the next few years it became very apparent to Bret that the demand for top dressage horses in Europe and North America was becoming greater and that these top horses were for the vast majority very difficult to find.

Now twelve years on with horses in Germany, Holland and the UK, Bret works together with some of Europes finest dressage stables and trainers to find those dressage horses that would otherwise not be availiable to the public.

“It is very difficult for the public to find a super star, as the top horses are not advertised,” he admitted. “They are not marketed at all, they are sold through trainers or agents because many owners do not want it publicised that their horse is for sale for various reasons. This makes finding top horses for the public very difficult.”

Bret Willson can tailor your horse shopping experience exactly to your needs. He will line up a collection of excellent horses and bring you to the most amazing yards in Germany, Holland and Denmark in your own space of time. Everything will be organized from the moment you get of the airplane to your new horse arriving in your stable.

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