Lardeaux, Best Seller of the 2016 Limburg KWPN Foal Auction

Thu, 09/22/2016 - 10:57
Auction News

The dressage colt Lardeaux became the best seller of the 2016 Limburg KWPN Foal Auction held at equestrian centre De Peelbergen on 21 September 2016.

The Limburg foal auction offered a mix of dressage and jumping bred foals for sale.

The most expensive foal was a dressage bred one, Lardeaux (by Ferdeaux x Wynton) which sold to Dutch customers or 45,000 euro. The most expensive jumper foal was Leon Hodieza (by Comme Il Faut x Nassau) which sold to the Turkish Carpe Diem team for 34,000 euro.

Colt Di Caprio van Hof ter Wilde (by De Niro x Ferro) was the second most expensive dressage foal and sold to Belgium for 14,000 euro. Now or Never van Hof ter Wilde (by Negro x Sarkozy) sold for 9,500 euro. The colt Larson (by Charmeur x United) was secured for 10,000 euro, colt Lutador (by Hennessy x Sandro Hit) for 9,500 euro.

Filly Lurona (by Glamourdale x Negro) sold to Americans for 11,000 euro, while filly Lobelia (by Sir Donnerhall x Gribaldi) sold for 9,500 euro. Filly Lione (by Governor x Negro) achieved a knock down price of 7,500 euro.

The bay colt Lord Kendale (by Lord Leatherdale x Kennedy) sold for 8,000 euro, while the bay colt La Paz Scin D (by De Niro x Welt Hit II) sold for 7,500 euro. The black colt Leopold SRV (by Dream Boy x Andretti) switched owners for 6,500 euro.

More than 100 foals were auctioned at this event. The average price for a foal was 9,100 euro, for a dressage foal that average was 8,250 euro.

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