Rhino Outbreak in Denmark, Hesselhoj in Quarantine

Wed, 05/02/2018 - 09:00
Stallion station Hesselhoj in Denmark

After rhinopneumonia outbreaks in France, which led to the cancellation of the 2018 CDI Saumur, and an infectious fever outbreak at the Lovsta stuteri stallion station in Sweden, the Danish stallion station Hesselhoj has gone into quarantine to prevent an outbreak of rhino.

On May 1, Hesselhoj's owner Hans Jørgen Hoeck announced that his stable and stallion station are closed due to an outbreak of Rhino, also known as Equine Herpes Virus, in thearea.  There have been more outbreaks on the Danish island of Fyn and as a pre-caution Hesselhoj closed its doors and is having its horses tested.

Hoeck explained his decision in a statement:

"We have shut down for all activity, including the stallion, because equine herpes virus can also spread through sperm cells," said Hoeck. "The stallions are not affected, but we have chosen not to take any chances. A test for herpes virus takes 4- 6 days and in the days of waiting for the results,  there is a risk that the horses may have been infected.  We have chosen to be careful as we do not want to be the cause for an infection coming from us.  This virus may be violent. If it were to hit a stable, about 60% could be affected by fever and cold. 10-15% of these horses die or get lasting damage (impaired performance). We are working hard these days and aim to influence this statistics in a positive direction.  Take care of your horses out there, stay home and take all the measures you can. "

Hesselhoj stands two stallions at stud, Gnags and Fuglsang, and are the breeders of the World Young Horse Championship medal winner Hesselhoj's Donkey Boy.

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