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Fri, 11/30/2018 - 16:51

Earlier this week, the Dave Thind Method released a full free lesson to celebrate giving Tuesday and the Holiday Season. This harmonious hybrid of the famous work of Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais combined with Dave's expert classical dressage and biomechanics background aims to elevate riders' balance, body awareness, symmetry, suppleness, provide possible pain relief and mental awareness of movement.

Is it really possible to make major breakthrough in your riding all by doing body awareness exercises from home? The DTM is recommended by Olympians, National Champions and Adult Amateurs. It is very safe, extremely easy to do, bio-mechanically sound advice that's approved by equestrians that are Medical Doctors, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Veterinarians.  Find out for yourself. Try this audio recording of a recent Dave Thind Method workshop taught at Our Town Dressage in Morristown, CT, USA on Nov 17. Here it is:

After a group discussion with the participants, finding out about their riding issues and possible injuries, topics that interested everyone were:

  1. Symmetry and finding one's true middle.  Riders complained about habits of collapsing to one side or incorrectly weighting their seat bones. In addition, finding their true middle. By that, bringing what they think they are doing, closer to what they are actually doing.
  2. Many of the riders had complaints of lower back pain and desired to have a more supple back.
  3. Hip Function. Again, almost all the riders wanted to improve hip mobility and suppleness with hopes to better follow their horses, and to help them have long draping legs, free of tension.

"These are problems that all riders face. It is my honor to help fellow riders.  My goal is to help restore ideal movement patterns and perfect posture, perfect for each unique individual and circumstance. This idea of self regulated learning and doing what is good fo you, in my experience, gives you the tools necessary to confidently face difficulties caused by unnecessary effort, pain, fear or being overly self critical.  Put simply, I want to help riders  inhabit their own bodies in a full and authentic way," stated Thind.

Dave Thind
"After all, it is those same bodies that enable us to help our horses find, rhythm, relaxation, connection, impulsion, straightness and self carriage! And with correct riding comes happy horses that are happier, sounder and live longer better lives.  Not in spite of, but  because of the fact we ride them.," continued the MA, USA based dressage trainer.                                                      

DTM offers online courses led by German certified Trainer-A, Dave Thind, who has developed easily accessible, home study, online training to help riders improve their seat, feel and overall communication with their horses.  Students practice isolated movements and body awareness exercises tailored to the dressage rider to hone their skills.

"Feldenkrais said, 'To make the impossible possible, the possible easy, the easy beautiful' and this is what we aim to achieve for our participants," explained coach Dave Thind.

The December course is still open for enrollment until Dec. 5.  Once again, it will tackle the topic of perfecting the sitting trot with "A Good Seat Moves" where participants are taught unique seat and core exercises and are introduced to Moshe Feldenkrais' world-renowned work in movement re-education and neuroscience. However, students should expect to notice improvement in their overall riding, daily posture and comfort levels.

Dave Thind Method - Intro to 'A Good Seat Moves' Sitting Trot Course.  Dave Thind Method - Intro to 'A Good Seat Moves' Sitting Trot Course.
Intro to 5 module / 5 week-long home-study course, including unmounted seat work. Each module will require 1 hour.

To enroll in ‘A Good Seat Moves’ please visit

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