Jennifer Hoffmann Sweeps 2020 CDI Temecula with Finesse and Rondoro Noblesse

Thu, 03/12/2020 - 21:34
2020 CDI Temecula
Jennifer Hoffmann and Rondoro Noblesse at the 2020 CDI Temecula :: Photo © Terri Miller

After eight years in Europe, American Grand Prix rider Jennifer Hoffmann is back in California and fully settled in. With her two FEI horses Finesse and Rondoro Noblesse she swept the board at the international dressage competition hosted at Galway Downs in Temecula, CA, last weekend. 

A Bag Full of Trophies

Making her international Grand Prix debut with Lisa Bradley's 12-year old Oldenburg mare Finesse (by Festrausch x Brentano II), Jennifer  topped the board in the Grand Prix and Special. Leading a pack of 10 riders in the Grand Prix, Hoffmann and Finesse posted 70.391% for the victory. In the Special they dominated the field with 70.319%.

Hoffmann returned home to Ranche Santo Fe with a bag full of trophies as she was also in command of the small tour. On her own and Wolfgang Himsl's 9-year old Austrian warmblood stallion Rondoro Noblesse (by Rosengold x Latour) she posted 70.588% for the win in the Prix St Georges and 71.716% for first place in the Intermediaire I

"Both horses were absolutely fantastic this weekend," Jennifer told Eurodressage. "My stallion Rondoro Noblesse has had a great start into this season last month at The Golden State Dressage CDN, where he won the Prix St. George with a 77.6 % from an international 4* judge and the Intermediate I the next day with 75% and now at the Temecula  CDI3* he has really shown his maturity."

The stallion, which Jennifer has been competing internationally since 2018, was unphazed by his surroundings. 

Hoffmann and Finesse at the 2020 CDI Temecula
"The atmosphere was a little bit electric with high winds and little bit cooler temperatures and the soccer games going on in the next door field so he really proved how much more mature he’s become this season, even though he was a little bit more hot and excited he still went in and put down a very good test both days," Jennifer explained. "We will keep him at small tour a couple more shows and then see if we can get him into a young horse Grand Prix towards fall or winter of this year. He has a spectacular piaffe-passage tour and we’re just confirming the one tempi's now." 

Jennifer was particularly thrilled with her Grand Prix mare Finesse. 

"I could not be happier or proud with how Finesse went this weekend," she said. "The Grand Prix really came together at this horse show. This has been the first competition where she really let me ride her to her full ability, her piaffe-passage work was so light and easy yet full of power, her trot  work very expressive with a very nice relaxed walk and really good canter tour. Jurgen and I have always believed in her and the fact that we can bring that into the arena now is huge , I could not be more excited about how she went this weekend. In both tests."

Back in the California Sun

In December 2018, Jennifer and her husband Jurgen Hoffmann decided to pack their bags and return back to California after having spent eight years in Europe. The couple are no strangers to California, having based their dressage sales and training business there between 2001 and 2010.

Since returning to California there  definitely have been some challenges thrown their way, but being able to spend some quality time with Jennifer's family has been very important  and helpful for her.

Hoffmann on For Romance II at the Schockemöhle stallion show
"I have also been able to find some really lovely and loyal clients who are very dedicated to the sport and who believe in me and Jurgen and our program," she stated. "Our clients have some very nice horses of high quality, and they too have set their goals also pretty high. They have been getting great high scores up into in the 70s and placing first in their classes respectively. It’s been a great bunch of people to have at the competitions and we all really have molded together as a team to support each other I think which shows in our success that we’ve been having. The camaraderie at the competitions is amazing and we all help each other strive to be the best we can be in order to reach our goals."

In December 2019, the Hoffmanns helped client Michelle Filsinger secure the Oldenburg licensed stallion For Romance II (by Furst Romancier x Sir Donnerhall) at the 2019 P.S.I. Auction in Ankum, Germany. The stallion has stayed in Germany for breeding as well as to be developed at FEI level. 

"I will be flying back and forth to Germany in between to compete For Romance II," said Jennifer. "I rode him in the Schockemöhle Stallion Presentation in February. It is a big honor to be able to ride such a great stallion."

Keeping the Level of Competition High in California

Hoffmann and Rondoro Noblesse
The CDI Temecula, which is also known as the Pacific Coast CDI, is one of only very few internationals left on the FEI calendar hosted in California. The event provides a substantial counter weight for the highly dominant rider magnet, the Global Dressage Festival in Wellington, Florida. 

"We have also been very grateful here in California to have had the people help us riders out in putting together this Pacific Coast CDI3* that we just competed at," said Jennifer. "We are thankful that a bunch of people came together to continue to put on more competitions for us here so we can showcase and qualify our horses for not only national championships, but also international competitions."

Hoffmann credits Barbara Biernat, Debra Reinhardt, and Robert Kellerhouse for keeping high performance competition alive at Temecula and allowing Californian riders to continue showing in their own state. 

"They really did a great job with this competition and getting it pulled up so quickly. We are very thankful to them. They are hosting another CDI in November and we have more organizers now also interested in putting on CDIs as well. I believe Thomas Bauer is also helping organize something out in Thermal. So we’re hopeful We’ll get it together to have an amazing circuit to look forward to here."

Developing for the Future

Jennifer Finesse
On a daily basis Hoffmann is coached by her husband Jurgen. However in 2019 she got submitted to the Kundrun USEF Dressage Development Programme with Rondoro Noblesse and now gets to ride in training sessions with Charlotte Bredahl as well. 

"She looks over our training and gives up helpful tips.  I also have communications with her during the year, when I send video sessions and telephone calls, her imput is very valuable for us, and our continuous training. I am very thankful for this opportunity," said Jennifer. 

Aside from Finesse and Rondoro Noblesse, Jennifer also has the 6-year old Hanoverian stallion Furst Florianus (by Florentinus V) in the barn. 

"He is very talented for all the Grand Prix work," she said. "Last year he won all his 5-year old FEI young horse classes with up to 8.6 points. I’ve been working with him at home developing him. He’s very exciting to me for the future."

Hoffmann's career making Grand Prix horse is the Oldenburg stallion Rubinio NRW (by Rubin Royal x Florestan), which she competed internationally between 2012 and 2018. The now 17-year old stallion recently recovered from an injury, but Jennifer hopes to bring him back into show shape. 

"Unfortunately due to an injury that happened during our travels on our move back to California he had to have some downtime," Jennifer explained. "He is back in light work now and things are looking really good and promising so I’m very hopeful that I can have him back in the ring again soon for one or two more seasons. That would be an amazing dream come true."

Excited About 2020

Jennifer and Jurgen Hoffmann
So far 2020 is looking very promising for Hoffmann, who is  thrilled about Finesse and Rondoro Noblesse. 

"Rondoro is still young and has his whole career before him yet. I have never had such a horse so far myself that is been so complete in everything as he is and so extremely talented, the judges just love him.  His Grand Prix future is very very big,  we’re very excited about him." 

She continued: "With Finesse we are going to continue to keep aiming for the international competitions and see what it brings us. I would love to ride in some CDIO Nations Cup teams with her and see just how high we can get our scores. I really really believe in this mare, and I am extremely thankful for her owner Lisa Bradley to allow me to continue on this journey with her."

Jennifer is also looking forward to coaching her students toward their CDI show debut later this year. 

"We are very excited for them and their amazing horses. We are very thankful that we have such a great group together in such a great team to look forward to this season and where it takes us, We have set our goals high and are all very much looking forward to the challenges 2020 brings, so this is all super exciting as we’re  looking forward to the future."

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If you would like to reach Jennifer or Jürgen regarding training or horse sales and marketing please feel free to contact them:
Jennifer Hoffmann 858-371-8750
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Photos © Terri Miller - Kim Miller

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