KWPN Publishes List of Newly Licensed Colts with 2020 Corona Breeding Permit

Sat, 05/02/2020 - 10:17
Merlot VDL (by Bordeaux x Florencio) at the 2020 KWPN Stallion Licensing :: Photo © Dirk Caremans

The KWPN society has published the list of newly licensed colts which have been approved for breeding this 2020 season without a performance test.

Twenty-eight dressage stallions passed the medical tests and are now allowed to cover in 2020. They will need to do a performance test in 2021.

Breeding Permit in Corona Year

Due to the corona pandemic, the spring KWPN stallion performance test was cancelled. Because of these extraordinary times, the KWPN board of directors decided to allow the 2020 approved colts to breed this season without a performance test, if they passed the health check. 

The newly approved colts had to undergo a medical exam and pass the medical standard set by the KWPN for X-rays, OCD, for roaring/breathing, they had to get a WFFS test and a sperm quality test.

Absentees from the List

Remarkably absent from the lists are three three Helgstrand owned stallions: the crowd favourite and Oldenburg bred stallion Total Maclaren (by Totilas x De Niro), the premium KWPN stallion Majestic Taonga (by Toto Jr x Jazz), and the auction price highlight Morricone VDT (by Toto Jr), who has been renamed My Toto. 

Also absent from the list are the premium stallions Maxson (by Johnson x Negro), owned by Gert-Jan van Olst, and the chestnut Mowgli VOD (by Desperado x Jazz). Mowgli was already withdrawn from potential breeding a month ago as he turned out to have a testicular issue.

The approved colts and their sperm quality are:

  • Bloomberg (by Bon Coeur x Don Index) - sperm quality: sufficient
  • Merlot VDL (by Bordeaux x Florencio) -  sperm quality: good
  • Mafioso BD (by Desperado x Wynton - previously named Mooiman) -  sperm quality: good
  • Melaniet  (by Dream Boy x Uphill) -  sperm quality: good
  • Monte Carlo Blue Hors  (by Dream Boy x United) -  sperm quality: good
  • Monsieur Utopia  (by Expression x Uphill) -  sperm quality: good
  • Mac Madison (by Ferdinand x Jazz) -  sperm quality: good
  • Mamorkus (by Ferdinand x Jazz) -  sperm quality: good
  • Mandela  (by Franklin x Easy Game) -  sperm quality: good
  • Mozart M (by Franklin x Sandro Hit) - sufficient
  • Miami  (by Toto Jr. x Don Schufro) -  sperm quality: good
  • Malo  (by Toto Jr. x Desperado) - sufficient
  • Mister Maserati  (by Toto Jr. x Jazz) -  sperm quality: moderate
  • Monty  (by Indian Rock x Bretton Woods) - sperm quality: sufficient (WFFS carrier)
  • Max  (by Sezuan x Johnson) - sperm quality: sufficient
  • Mister Diamond  (by Sir Donnerhall x First Final) -  sperm quality: good
  • Mobil Sollenburg (by Total Us x Jazz) -  sperm quality: moderate
  • Monte JT (by Totilas x Metall) -  sperm quality: good
  • Mansion  (by Totilas x Krack C) -  sperm quality: good
  • Milanello (by Vivaldi x Sandro Hit) -  sperm quality: good
  • Mauro  (by Zonik x Negro) - sperm quality: sufficient
  • Serfaus  (by Schwarzgold x Don Frederico) -  sperm quality: good
  • Maddock  (by Dettori x Krack C) - sperm quality: not yet known
  • Magic Boy  (by Fürstenball x Damsey) - sperm quality: not yet known
  • Montgomery C (by Johnson x Ferro) - sperm quality: not yet known
  • Masterpiece  (by Vitalis x Ampere) - sperm quality: not yet known
  • Victoria Grande  (by Vitalis x Bon Bravour) - sperm quality: not yet known
  • Maldini  (by Vivaldi x Donnerhall) - sperm quality: not yet known

The complete list of stallions here.

Photo © Dirk Caremans

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