Princeville JT, Best Seller of the 2020 Van Olst Sales Foal Auction

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 10:16
Van Olst Sales
Princeville JT (by Kjento x Lord Leatherdale)

The bay colt Princeville JT became the best seller of the 2020 Van Olst Sales - online foal auction which concluded on Monday evening 3 August 2020. 

Princeville JT (by Kjento x Lord Leatherdale) sold for 32,000 euro to an American client. Americans also bought Peggy Sue (by Glamourdale x Krack C) for 16,000 euro.

The second most expensive foal was the filly Phelicity (by Kjento x Desperado), which sold for 26,000 euro to Germany. 

Filly Pippa d'Orlandaise (by Glamourdale x Indoctro) found a new home in Belgium for 17,000 euro. 

Filly Princess Ciree (by Kjento x Stedinger) moves to the U.K. for 12,000 euro

A Dutch buyer purchased Parmenides (by Glamourdale x Gribaldi) for 11,500 euro and filly Primadonna Lilly Rose JVR (by Kjento x Krack C) for 10,500 euro.

A Russian bought Populair (by Chippendale x Solitair) for 10,000 euro, while Swedish buyers secured Pablo V (by Giovanni x Tolando) for 7,500 euro

Thirteen foals were offered for sale in this auction. The average price was 13,800 euro. 

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