Fonte Abeti's Fortuna, Ecuador, Darko and Claudia Win 2020 Italian Young Horse Championships

Sat, 10/31/2020 - 10:11
2020 Italian Young Horse Championships
Frederico Mexia de Almeida and Ecuador di Fonte Abeti (by Negro x Sir Donnerhall) at the 2020 Italian Young Horse Championships

The 4-year old Fortuna di Fonte Abeti, the 5-year old Ecuador di Fonte Abeti, the 6-year old Darko di Fonte Abeti, and the 7-year old Claudia di Fonte Abeti became the winners of the 2020 Italian Young Horse Championships.

The National Young Horse Championships were held at the equestrian centre Il Torrione in Tortona, Italy, on 25 - 27 September 2020. They took place at the same time as the Italian Dressage Championships and CDI Tortona, all at the same venue the same weekend. 

With dressage breeding being so minute in Italy as show jumping and eventing are put on a pedestal by the national federation, the few committed dressage breeders out there determin the beating of the drum in national dressage sport. Fonte Abeti is Italy's biggest dressage breeding facility and easily dominated the Nationals.


Ten combinations competed in the 4-year old division, but two got eliminated over two rounds. 

Portuguese Frederico Mexia de Almeida steered Riccardo Volpi's Hanoverian mare Fortuna di Fonte Abeti (by Apache x ) to the victory with a total of 167.60 points, after winning both rounds with 83.60 points and 84.00 points. 

The silver medal went to Micol Rustignoli on the Hanoverian Furioso di Fonte Abeti (by Apache x Burstinels) on a total score of 160.80%. The pair was third in the first round with 77.40% and moved up to second place in the second round with 83.40%. 

The bronze went to Giada dal Fior on the Westfalian mare Schöne Frau (by Shatterhand x Desperados) on a total of 159.20%. They were second in round 1 with 78.40% and landed third place in the second round with 80.80%. 


Eight horses contested the 5-year old division and once again it was a clean sweep for Mexia de Almeida, this time on Riccardo Volpi's Hanoverian bred Ecuador di Fonte Abeti (by Negro x Sir Donnerhall) with 173.200 points. The pair won the first round on 85.00 and the second round on 88.20 points. 

Italian young rider Lucia Berni became the reserve champion on the Hanoverian bred Evelyn di Fonte Abeti (by Furstenball x Sir Donnerhall) with 168.400%. They were twice second in the two rounds, twice scoring 84.20 points. 

The bronze went to Portuguese Nelson Ramos Aleluia aboard the Rhinelander bred Ebano di Fonte Abeti (by Netto x Christ) with 154.400%. They were twice third with 77.00 and 77.40 points. 


The 6-year old division had just 6 pairs at the starters' line. Mexia de Almeida topped the board with Volpi's Hanoverian bred Darko di Fonte Abeti (by Charmeur x Sir Donnerhall). He won the first round on 78.60% and the second round with 78.00% to total 156.600%

The silver went to Francesco Sangiorgi on the Rhinelander bred Conticki (by Contendro x Grosso Z. He totalled 154.000% points after placing second in the first round (77.80%) and third in the second round with 76.20 points. 

The bronze was for Emanuele Carzaniga on Volpi's Hanoverian bred Dorado di Fonte Abeti (by Negro x De Niro)  on 153.200% points. They moved from fifth place in the first round with 75.60% to a second place in the final round with 77.60%. 


In the 7-year old championships six combinations battled it out, but Frederico Mexia de Almeida was a league of his own aboard Riccardo Volpi's Hanoverian bred Claudia di Fonte Abeti (by Apache x Donnerhall). He scored a winning total of 146.950% after winning the preliminary test with 73.136% and placing second in the finals test with 73.814%

Alice Redaelli and her Westfalian mare Feliana (by Franziskus x Belissimo M) were the runners-up with 144.317 points. They were second in the preliminary round with 72.032% and won the finals test with 74.171%

Maria Milla and Ilenar, a KWPN gelding by Bordeaux x Welt Hit II, grabbed the bronze with a total of 142.265% points. They were consistent throughout the weekend, placing third twice with 71.979% and 70.286%

Results - 2020 Italian Young Horse Championships

4-year olds

  • 1. Frederico Mexia de Almeida - Fortuna di Fonte Abeti (HANN, by Apache) -167.600%
  • 2. Micol Rustignoli - Furioso di Fonte Abeti (Hann, by Apache) - 160.800%
  • 3. Giada dal Fior - Schöne Frau (Westf, by Shatterhand) - 159.200%
  • 4. Nelson Ramos Aleluia - Fiaba di Fonte Abeti  (HANN, by Franklin) - 155.800%
  • 5. Martina Giaimo - Qiss Cool des Ham (OLD, by Quaterbold) - 155.000%
  • 6. Cristina Callegari - Fulminator del Garda (HANN, by Furstenball) - 146.600%
  • 7. Micol Siri - Zaira del Castegno (Itwb, by Eco del Castegno) - 139.000%
  • 8. Gian Domenico Mariano  - Asia de Marchesana (It wb, by Quick Fire) - 125.200%
  • Davide Grandi - Furstenbella Efa la Magnifica (HANN, by Furstenball) -  69.600% - ELI 
  • Fabia Fratini - Adamantio (It Wb, by Appio Claudio) - 65.000 - ELI

5-year olds

  • 1. Frederico Mexia de Almeida - Ecuador di Fonte Abeti (HANN, by Negro) -   173.200%
  • 2. Lucia Berni - Evelyn di Fonte Abeti (RHLD, by Furstenball) - 168.400%
  • 3. Nelson Ramos Aleluia - Ebano di Fonte Abeti (RHLD, by Netto) -  154.400%
  • 4. Valentina Truppa - Eremo di Fonte Abeti (HANN, by Negro) - 149.200%
  • 5. Cristina Callegari - Quick Sherry (HANN, by Quasar de Charry) - 147.000%
  • 6. Alessio Corradini - Dante dei Castellani (It wb, by Don Lauries Hit) - 143.800%
  • 7. Xenia Herta Schumann - Coolman W (by Coal Diamond) - 137.200%
  • 8. Lucia Giribaldi - Virgilio G (It wb, by Vivaldi) - 128.000%

6-year olds

  • 1. Frederico Mexia de Almeida - Darko di Fonte Abeti (HANN, by Charmeur)  -156.600%
  • 2. Francesco Sangiorgi - Conticki (RHLD, by Contendro) -  154.000%
  • 3. Emanuele Carzaniga - Dorado di Fonte Abeti (HANN; by Negro)  -153.200%
  • 4. Xenia Herta Schumann - Xenia's Satiro Danzante (AWO, by Samba Khan) - 153.200%
  • 5. Valentina Truppa - Dorotea di Fonte Abeti (It wb, by Wynton) -  76.200%
  • 6. Monica Iemi  - Sinfonie (HANN, by ) -  71.400%

7-year olds

  • 1. Frederico Mexia de Almeida (HANN, by Apache) - 146.950%
  • 2. Alice Redaelli - Feliana (WESTF, by Franziskus) - 144.317%
  • 3. Maria Milla - Ilenar (KWPN, by Bordeaux) - 142.265%
  • 4. Beatrice Arturi - Telma del Castegno (It wb, by Floriscount) - 140.218%
  • 5. Nelson Ramos Aleluia - Calispera di Fonte Abeti (HANN, by Don Frederic) - 138.578%
  • 6. Ricardo Quieros de Magalhaes - Impossivel (LUSI, by Riopele) - 137.029%

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