Russian Buyers with Empty Pockets, Six Westfalians At Auction, Again

Fri, 11/06/2020 - 18:11
 Belmore (by Belissimo M x Fidertanz) reported that Russian buyers proved to have empty pockets when they secured 6 horses at the most recent Westfalian Autumn Elite Auction. These horses will be up for auction, again, in a "Last Chance" auction.

At the 2020 Westfalian Autum Elite Auction on 4 October 2020, a Russian buyer(s) secured no less than 6 horses but none of them ended up being paid for.

The Westfalian society has now decided to re-auction these six dressage horses. 

The unpaid for horses are Belmore (by Belissimo M x Fidertanz), which initially sold for 50,000 euro, Bella Schoccolina (by Benicio), which sold for 19,500 euro, as well Bradley Cooper (by Bon Coeur - 18,000 euro), Fabiola (by Finnigan - 16,000 euro), Sweet O’Hara (by Scuderia - 16,000 euro), and Lancome (by Libertad - 14,000 euro).


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