CHIO Aachen Campus: Six Young Dressage Riders Enjoy Unique Education with Isabell Werth

Mon, 03/21/2022 - 09:00
Isabell Werth, head coach of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS excellence programme, with Moritz Treffinger :: Photo © CHIO Aachen CAMPUS/ Jil Haak

The CHIO Aachen CAMPUS offers attractive training and education offers for the equestrian sport all year round – at the highest level and on the probably most famous equestrian site in the world.

What is CHIO Aachen Campus?

The CHIO Aachen is a strong brand on the international top competition scene. It stands for first-class equestrian sport, quality and internationality. The showgrounds at the Aachen Soers are not only a very special place during the show, thanks to the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS, the site is now also a permanent and all-year-round centre for international equestrian sport, which holds new, exciting formats in store in 2022.

“We want to give all riders the chance to continually improve with the help of some of the most renowned coaches and cutting-edge analysis technology – and on top of that at the probably most attractive equestrian showgrounds in the world,” stated Stefan Knopp, Director of the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS.

Training Day for Amateurs

Outstanding offers focusing on the promotion of aspiring talents, training, education and digital technologies are on the agenda throughout the year. The newly created training day for amateur riders with a “full-service” offer is especially noteworthy, which in addition to training analyses by famous equestrian sport celebrities also comprises of first-class health and fitness tips for the horse and rider.

In the summer, ambitious dressage riders and show-jumpers will have the opportunity to participate in so-called Excellence courses with top international coaches.

Furthermore, an “Equestrian Manager” certification programme, jointly initiated with the RWTH Aachen, is also on the agenda for the first time. The internationally aligned, extra-occupational education programme offers a top opportunity for trainee managers of equestrian establishments. The offer is rounded off by many further top-class seminars and workshops, training offers for riding clubs, the 2nd CHIO Aachen Hackathon as well as the popular holiday camps and pony weekends for the youngest horse fans.

CHIO Aachen Campus in Second Year Running

Beyond this, thanks to its associated Programme of Excellence, the CHIO Aachen CAMPUS is also a melting-pot for aspiring, international riding talents. Currently in its second year, the programme provides young, talented riders with everything they need to successfully gain a foothold on the top international stage.

In six training phases in total, the talents profit from the know-how and skills of the two head coaches, Isabell Werth (Dressage) and Jos Lansink (Show-jumping), as well as receiving valuable tips on fitness, nutrition, horse and stable management, training management and career planning.

This year's Campus students included six talented young riders: Moritz Treffinger, Sara Aagard Hyrm, Anna Guseynova, Marten Luiten, Renee Stadler, and Emily Voss.


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