Charity Auction during 2022 Horses & Dreams - A Horse for Peace

Thu, 04/21/2022 - 20:34
PSI Auction
 A horse for peace

A unique signal for peace and against war and hunger will be auctioned during the Welcome Evening of Horses & Dreams meets Canada.

Horses & Dreams always stands for intercultural cohesion. Every year, participants and visitors can experience a different culture. This inclusiveness and hospitality are important attributes, especially in these times! 

The unrest in this world, especially the war in Ukraine, is greatly unsettling and our desire for peace in this world has taken on a whole new significance. For this reason, we want to set a sign for peace during the Welcome Evening of Horses & Dreams meets Canada: One of the famous Horses & Dreams deco horses will be designed live today by the creative artists of! The unique design will be focus on peace and against hunger in this world. The hammer for the one-off artwork will fall on Thursday, 21 April 2022 from 20:45 pm onwards, but bids can already be placed now! 

The proceeds from the auction will be used to support both the Ukraine and the "Riding against Hunger" initiative.

Click here for the Auction &  Live-Stream of the Design

The version painted today