Full Entry List for First German 2023 WCYH Team Selection Trial

Mon, 06/19/2023 - 11:43
Isabell Werth schooling 7-year old Valdiviani at the 2023 German Championships in Balve. She is trying out for the World Championships for the first time in her extensive career :: Photo © Barbara Schnell

The first of two German team selection trials for the 2023 World Championships for young dressage horses in Ermelo is taking place today and tomorrow, 19 - 21 June 2023, at the DOKR headquarters in Warendorf, Germany.

A full entry list of 5-, 6-, and 7-year old horses proves the high interest for participating in the WCYH. As Germany is the leading dressage horse breeding nation in the country, riders for several European countries are flocking together in other to qualify their German bred horses with a German ticket. 

Smaller dressage nations without a strong national dressage breeding programme of their own, will select foreign bred horses to represent their country in Ermelo. Bigger breeding nations, such as The Netherlands, Denmark, and Spain, will only sent home bred horses (KWPN, DWB, PRE), for instance.

First Selection Trial with some Eye-Catchers

In Warendorf the 5-year olds are presented today in front of the panel in a "mandatory training session". Tomorrow, the 6 and 7-year olds will be presented and on Wednesday the preliminary test will be ridden by all. After those three days the selectors will draft a short list of horses  eligible to move to the second round. 

Werth and Richard Kimble at the 2000 WCYH in Arnheim
(Photo © Dirk Caremans)
The busiest rider these two days will be professional Ann-Christin Wienkamp who has no less than five horses entered for the trial, three 6-year old and two 7-year olds.

And take note who is on the starters' list: the world's most decorated dressage rider, Isabell Werth, is giving it a go to compete at the World Young Horse Championships. With a barn full of horses, she usually left it to her assistants to ride the youngsters in Verden (Beatrice Buchwald-Hoffrogge on Belantis, Matthias Bouten on Lezard) but this time she's trying out for the team herself on the 7-year old Valdiviani.  Werth has ridden in the World Championships only once, in 2000 in Arnheim (NED) on the Westfalian gelding Richard Kimble (by Ribbeck x Rheingold).

International Entry List

The  combinations below have been entered for the first German WCYH selection trial wit the German equestrian federation (list posted 15 June).

The actual starters' list for the 5-year olds published today has licensed stallions Segantini, Rheinglanz, and Isterberg II missing from the line-up. Danish Maria Anita Andersen on Jan Anker's Danish bred Roséé de Fontaine is a late entry and Hoffrogge added the Belgian owned Dalma Sia Ballante to the entry list. 

5-year olds

  • Acosta, Juan Manuel  (ESP) - Saltes
  • Bentes, Maren - Rumours
  • Casper, Lisa  - Sir Copperfield
  • Habermann, Mike - Zakaria
  • Heemsoth, Greta - Santos 874
  • Hoffrogge, Beatrice  - Zuperman Old
  • Klausing, Heiko - St. Athletique
  • Langehanenberg, Helen - Kwahu
  • Ligus, Lars - Veuve Clicquot 3
  • Lima, Amanda  - Van Gogh
  • Mayer, Catherine - Mille Grazie a Carree  and Viva La Rosa Da Carree 
  • Mueller, Ann Kathrin - Hs Fleur Noir
  • Nowag-aulenbrock, Bianca - Baroness Bibi 
  • Oldidge-sieverding, Thomas  - Isterberg II and Olymp 
  • Peschel,jessika  - San Escobar Old
  • Platen, Maxi Kira Von - Rheinglanz and Happy Days Di Fonteabeti and Summerglow Old
  • Richter, Leonie - Titania K
  • Roberts, Philly (GBR) - Lordswood Secret Agent Pjf
  • Scholz, Carina - Stromberg
  • Schulze, Thomas  - Beck's
  • Seddig, Patricia - Füchtels High Light Old
  • Sejbjerg Jensen, Mette (DEN) - About You II
  • Serowy, Stefanie -  Sir Johny
  • Sigtenbjerggaard, Thomas (DEN) - Be Sure
  • Stahnke, Anna Marieke  - Donauspiel G
  • Tewes, Melanie  - Donna Fiorella
  • Thomas, Jessica Lynn (SWE) - Be My Love and Segantini 
  • Wadenspanner, Johanna - Bowmore
  • Wolf, Stefanie  - San to Alati
  • Wolff, Stefan - Elliot the Dancer 

6-year olds

  • Aringer, Sina -  Quentin and Galaxy Man
  • Beinlich, Nicole - Rosé 
  • Martinez, Eric Guardia (ESP) - Feine Bella
  • Koch, Lisa Marie  - Fille D'or Old
  • Hoffrogge, Beatrice - Dalma Sia Ballante
  • Hermes, Marcus  -  St. Felice
  • Goerens-ripphoff, Kira - Final Dream Frh
  • Garai, Mate (HUN) - Rudi
  • Mitter, Anna - Manolo 
  • Munoz Jurado, Adrian (ESP) - Ribston De Fontaine
  • Egbers, Sabine - Vita 30
  • Durand, Joline - Rock Festival
  • Brunkhorst, Juliane - Bayside Ak
  • Bentes, Maren  - Blue
  • Tollhopf, Charlotte  - Fabajo
  • Schuermann, Charlott-maria  - Life Time
  • Scholz, Carina - Freenet
  • Rueben, Sabine  - Vitali 
  • Roth, Stella Charlott  -  Voller Emotionen
  • Richter, Leonie - Vitalos and in My Mind 
  • Wienkamp, Ann-christin  - Füchtels to Limit and Füchtels Indigo Old and Roya Royal
  • Widmann, Rudolf - First Rock Star
  • Welbers, Marina -  Invictus and Vaida - Girl
  • Wandres, Frederic  - Fashion Prinz Old
  • Wahlkamp-nilsson, Malin (SWE) - Rockabye 
  • Waldmann, Lena - Chere Celine Old

7-year olds

  • Mayer, Catherine - Grand Petit De Carree
  • Langehanenberg, Helen - Fänomen De Malleret
  • Korte, Annika - Fallete and Beryll 
  • Kasprzak, Anna (DEN) - Danciero
  • Hosbond, Anne-marie (DEN)  - St. Tropez
  • Heemsoth, Greta - Boa Vista Frh
  • Haug, nicola -  Thapelo Fbw
  • Gerritsen, Ingrid (NED) - Geneve
  • Garai, Mate (HUN) - Bailador
  • Damil, santiago (ESP)  - L' Amore Per Sempre
  • Bubanz, Pauline  - Dantino Grande
  • Braun, Nina Verina - Borsalino's Fairytale
  • Taylor, David - Mdm Fürstenerbe
  • Scholz, Carina - Van Damme 
  • Schepper, Anna-lisa  - Emh Rock'n Rose Fbw
  • Ritzel, Ramona  - Zampano
  • Richter, Leonie - Lord Europe
  • Reichert, Yara - Force Majeure 
  • Prigge, Elisa  -  Feu D'amour 
  • Raumanns, Lana - Schwarze Prinzessin
  • Nowag-aulenbrock, Bianca - Escorial Q Nrw
  • Wittmann, Stefanie  - Diafys Old
  • Wienkamp, Ann-Christin - Ferrero Rocher and First Dancer
  • Werth, Isabell - Valdiviani
  • Wego-engelmeyer, Nicole - Diaton 
  • Verboomen, Justin (BEL) - Zonik Plus
  • Van Zwambagt, Febe (NED) - Le Vermont
  • Waldmann, Lena  - Belinda Frh

Photos © Barbara Schnell - Dirk Caremans

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