U.S. Riders Announced for the 2023 North American Youth Championships

Sun, 07/23/2023 - 00:04
USDF region 9 rider Sydney Lipar and Zerragamo at the 2023 Palm Beach Dressage Derby :: Photo © Astrid Appels

The United States Dressage Federation™ (USDF) announced the athletes that will represent the United States in the   North American Youth Dressage Championships (NAYDC).

Held August 8-13, at Great Lakes Equestrian Festival (GLEF), in Traverse City, MI, NAYDC will feature a total of 46 youth, age 14-21, from across the country, vying for team and individual medals in the Olympic equestrian disciplines of dressage and show jumping. 

The competition is run under the rules of the Fédération Equestre Internationale (FEI), the international governing body for equestrian sport, and is the only FEI championship held annually on this continent.

“NAYC is the culmination of a season of hard work for our youth riders. As a team competition, it fosters sportsmanship at the highest level within our sport for these young people. I’m very proud of all the riders, but also the volunteers and parents, whose tireless efforts have put this together. A huge ‘thank you’ to all of them and I’m looking forward to another year at the incredibly beautiful Traverse City Horse Shows at the Flintfields Horse Park in Traverse City, Michigan!” said Roberta Williams, USDF FEI Youth Committee Chair.

The following riders and horses have been submitted on the NAYDC Definite Entry and will represent the United States:

USDF Region 1 Juniors

  • Sienna Rowe and Lightfire Just Do It
  • Emily Bansky and Vincento, Laila Edwards and Farah Jade
  • Gabriella Escobar and Gazpacho Du Caet.

USDF Region 1 Young Riders

  • Quinn Ridgway and Dramatika V.

USDF Region 2 Juniors:

  • Nicole Lang and Jagger DG
  • Allison Berger and Delacure
  • Autumn Vavrick and Dante
  • Marin Roth and Erin Meadows Jagermeister.

USDF Region 2 Young Riders:

  • Alicia Berger and Floriano HB.

USDF Region 3 Juniors: 

  • Madison Sumner and Briar
  • Virginia Woodcock and Mollengardens San-Souci
  • Tessa Geven and Sir Frederico
  • Justine Boyer and Campanero HGF.

USDF Region 3 Young Riders:

  • Mary Piller and Caterina
  • Kat Fuqua and Dream Girl
  • Acacia Tsamoutales and Santos
  • Celsiana William and Prima Ballerina.

USDF Region 4 Juniors:

  • Lexie Kment and Montagny Von Der Heide
  • Katia Szwejbka and Lou Heart.

USDF Region 4 Young Riders:

  • Averi Allen and Superman
  • Ella Fruchterman and Hannah Montana W.

USDF Region 5 Juniors: 

  • Katherine Nayak and MW Fabulous
  • Kali Riddell and #Hashtag
  • Taylor Allen and Fleur de Lis

USDF Region 5 Young Riders: 

  • Olivia Williams and Ronaldo
  • Elizabeth Petersen and Captain Brownie
  • Audrey Allen and Hugo
  • Megan Kelleghan and Rhetoric.

USDF Region 6 Juniors: 

  • Norah Wright and Baccos Do Retiro
  • Daphne Glenn and Romanesque
  • Olivia Martz and Ronvair.

USDF Region 7 Juniors:

  • Emme Chisholm and Winzalot
  • Sophia Beck and Chachi
  • Carmen Stephens and Fox.

USDF Region 7 Young Riders:

  • Josephine Hinnemann and Copa Cabana MRF
  • Josh Albrech and Espresso.

USDF Region 8 Juniors:

  • Leah Drew and Damons Davian
  • Emily Jackowski and Havanna
  • Sophia Forsyth and Dimagico
  • Lucy Sheldon and Porsche’s Florencia.

USDF Region 8 Young Riders:

  • Gabriel Epstein and Bandito
  • Nash Gagnon and Eros SSF
  • Isabella Thorpe and Bella Ymas.

USDF Region 9 Young Riders: 

  • Sydney Lipar and Zerragamo
  • Madison Manis and Roquefort.

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