Olvido CAD, Rociero FS, and Oliva CAD Win the ANCCE Cup Young Horse Finals at 2023 SICAB

Thu, 11/30/2023 - 22:24
2023 SICAB
A double win for Raul Arcos Soguero who claimed the gold in the 4- and 6-year old division. Here he is in his lap of honour on Olvido CAD :: Photos © SICAB

-- Text by Eurodressage (this article expresses Eurodressage's' eye-witness account and opinion about the competition) - Photos © SICAB

The 4-year old Olvido CAD, the 5-year old Rociero FS, and the 6-year old Oliva CAD became the winners of the ANCCE Cup Finals held for PRE bred young dressage horses at 2023 SICAB in Seville, Spain, on 29 November 2023. 

What is SICAB?

SICAB is the annual World Championships for PRE bred horses, traditionally held in the buzzing Andalusian city of Seville in Spain. Breeders, owners, riders and horse loving laymen gather at FIBES, the Conference and Exhibition Centre in Seville 10 minutes from the airport, to celebrate the PRE bred horse in all shapes and forms. 

Six days in a row, competitions take place in three major indoor arenas as well as in tent arenas outside the center. This year ANCCE, the Spanish PRE Breeding society with subsidiaries all across the world, hosts the 9th World PRE Championships in the morphology category (a conformation and gaits contests), as well as the ANCCE Cup for Dressage, Doma Vaquera, Spanish High School, Show Jumping, Carriage Driving, Side Saddle, Working Equitation, among other disciplines.

SICAB stands for Salón Internacional del Caballo.


The ANCCE Cup for Dressage is a special show circuit exclusively for PRE horses across the levels: from young horses, through the youth classes, up to Grand Prix. For dressage combinations can obtain ranking points by competing  at designated national dressage competitions in Spain and CDI's across the world. The 10 highest ranked combinations at the end of the season get invited to the finals. Wild cards are extended to horses that competed for Spain at the World Young Horse Championships, European and World Championships, or Olympic Games. 

The ANCCE Cup medals
The winner of the ANCCE Cup final for young horses is determined by adding up the scores achieved in the preliminary and finals test at SICAB.

The judges for this year's ANCCE Cup Finals in dressage are 5* judge Raphael Saleh (FRA), alongside international judges Mariano Santos Redondo (ESP), Juan Carlos Campos Escribano (ESP), Maarten Van Der Heijden (NED), and Claudia Matos (POR), as well as national judges Aránzazu Flores Resta, Pilar Cabrera Rodríguez, Teresa Fontan, and David Mérida Martín.

Eurodressage attended SICAB for the first time in 2022 and returned this year, in particular to see and cover the ANCCE Cup for young dressage horses.  The Finals with a preliminary and finals test are held according to the FEI format with scores for walk, trot, canter, submission and general impression. After each finals test, the head judge (in this case Juan Carlos Campos) provides the public commentary on the horse, in Spanish. 

4-YO: Olvido CAD

Raul Arcos Soguero celebrated unprecedented success with his horses, claiming the title in the four and six year old division. Riding for breeder and owner Yeguada Mendoza Cadema, Raul arrived at SICAB as the leader of the 4-year old ranking aboard Olvido CAD (by Jinete IX out of Navaridas (by Oficial XXIX)). He maintained that dominant position throughout the show, winning the preliminary test with 81.40% and the finals with 78.80%. The bay was not the biggest mover of the pack but certainly very well presented. This rather petite PRE showed nice trot lengthenings without being rushed, was quiet and soft in the contact and produced a soft-footed canter. The walk had a clear 4-beat rhythm. In the preliminary test Olvido appeared a bit fresher, but he was very obedient in the finals and stood out with his calm nature. He received 7.5 for walk, 7.8 for trot, 7.9 for canter, 8 for submission and 8.2 for general impression. 

Raul Arcos on Olvido CAD
The silver medal went to Educado de Centurion, a grey offspring by Aljibe de Centurion out of Ruda CEN (by Fer Bago), owned by American Wendy Shelton. He made a big leap on the board, arriving in SICAB 6th on the ranking and ending up second overall. Under Antonio Jose Vazquez Quintero, the nice proportioned, sporty looking grey was third in the preliminary test with 77.40% and second in the Finals test with 78.80%. Educado did not show the most ground covering trot yet and was hurried in the lengthenings, but the medium walk showed good clarity in rhythm and had two hooves overtrack. The canter could be more ground covering, but had the coveted uphill tendency. He was also very steady in the contact. He received 7.8 for walk, 7.5 for trot, 8.3 for canter, 7.8 for submission and 8.0 for general impression.

The bronze medal was for the liver chestnut Activo RC, a Seni Peregrino VII offspring out of Hechicera CCLXXI (by Evento XXVI). He was only 11th in the ANCCE ranking but boosted himself into third position at SICAB. Bred by Yeguada Hermanos Romero Carreras, owned by Yeguada Sanchez Munoz and ridden by Juan Francisco Fernandez Munoz, Activo was second in the preliminary test with 78.00% and fourth in the finals test with 76.400%. The horse produced a clean test, but could have been a bit fresher on the aids. In trot he showed a nice active hindleg, but stayed rather flat in front. The walk did not have the most overtrack but the clarity was good. He stood out in canter with his good balance.

Other interesting horses in the 4-year old group were Toronto KP (by Israel X x Yeguerito III) and Fierro de CSV (by Cacique XI x Deco III).  Toronto KP is a very expressive, sporty horse with lots of knee action (but quite some paddling as so many of these PRE's did). His hindleg tracked up well and in canter there was sweet, uphill striding. Fierro de CSV is also built naturally uphill and is expressive in trot, but easily gets too quick in the tempo and tight in the neck. In the medium canter he showed better engagement from behind than in the working canter where he stayed quite short. Also Silencio FS (by Tabanco II x Ermitano III) stood out with his correctly working trot. He has good engagement but it not strong yet behind at his young age. The walk was of good quality but in canter he dropped a bit on the forehand. Green but promising horse.

5-YO: Rociero FS

With 12 horses showing up in the 5-year old division, the battle for the medals was between three horses that represented the PRE breed this year at the 2023 World Young Horse Championships in Ermelo. Two WCYH team horses were absent in SICAB (Druida de Centurion, and Rondo de Indalo), but that left the door wide open for the other three to get a medal.

Alba Abollo Fontela on Rociero FS
Rociero FS was the best scoring Spanish horse after Druida in Ermelo and finished on top in the ANCCE Cup Final. Under Alba Abollo Fontela the wonderful grey (by Kabileno MG III out of Triana FS (by Centello V)), bred and owned by Yeguada Arroyomonte, impressed the most with his fabulous trot. His cute look, sympathetic face and consistent head/neck position added to the overall image. In trot he has a wonderful front leg, elegant and he moves naturally uphill. Behind he tracks up sufficiently. His medium trots were not rushed and were very nice. The walk was a bit underwhelming, not with the greatest clarity and overtrack. In canter he had good balance, but could flex the hocks a bit more. Abollo presented him in a very consistent frame, but there was a clear lack of bending and flexion in the corners. However when given the rein in trot at the end of the text, the horse stretched nicely into the contact. The walk needed to be developed more in the simple changes. The pair was second in the preliminary test with 81.40% and was fourth in the finals with 80.00% but averaged the highest total for the gold. In the finals the cute horse got 9 for trot, 7.5 for walk and canter, 7.8 for submission and 8.2 for general impression. 

The silver medal went to Spanish Grand Prix team rider Alejandro Sanchez del Barco aboard Derroche de Indalo (by Timbal YET out of Romera YET (by Kendo)). The pocket size Derroche is bred by Yeguada Torrehermosa and owned by Sanchez' employer Yeguada Indalo. When it comes to a level of training, this horse was the most advanced and produced of all in the pack. His trot was very well regulated, supported by the rider, with a steady rhythm and balance on the curved lines. In the medium trot, Derroche has a very engaged hindleg that could not always match up in front. The walk had a clear rhythm but not the greatest ground cover. The canter was well ridden although in the simple changes the walk got short. The contact was steady but at times Derroche bopped the head. The very low sitting dropped noseband did not help. They won the preliminary test with 81.60% and were 6th in the Finals test with 77.200% He got 7.7 for walk, 7.8 for trot and canter, 7.5 for submission and 7.8 for general impression.

Guillermo Garcia Ayala on Verso de Susaeta
Guillermo Garcia Ayala and the black stallion Verso De Susaeta (by Cacique Ix out of Editora Xiv), the full brother of international small tour horse Poeta de Susaeta, finished in the bronze medal spot. The pair was also very much in tune with each other. The trot was well regulated with good balance on the voltes, but rather rushed in the extensions. The walk had plenty of overstep and in canter the horse could have more ground cover but was kept quite collected throughout for balance reasons. In the preliminary test he did not really stretch into the contact when the rein was given, in the finals the bending and flexion in the corners could have been better. The small stallion was fifth in the preliminary test (76.40%) and the judges clearly favoured him in the finals (81.40%). He got 8 for walk, and trot, 8.2 for canter, 8 for submission and 8.5 for general impression.

Several other pairs stood in this age category, not the least Alejandro Oliva Lazaro on Aguileno MOR (by Duiker MOR x Labriego VIII). This rider had the best seat and hands of all in the ANCCE Cup: beautiful, quiet; independent seat, hands soft on the withers even though his dark bay stallion was not the easiest in the bridle and fidgety in the mouth. This horse was well proportioned, showed good strength in the hindquarters and was ridden in trot in the right tempo.  Yulio AR (by Yulio JEM x Granizo II) is short a cute horse with his short thick neck and expressive face. He did hurry too much in trot but the quality in the gait was there. Also in the counter canter he showed good balance and the walk was ground covering. Beni Hil (by Enceladp II x Benavente I) is certainly one to watch with his sporthorse look, far from the baroque type. The rider sat with stretched arms and flat piano hands, so the overall picture could improve more if her seat was a bit more correct, but she has a wonderful horse for the future in Beni Hil (who must have been named after the British comedian of the 1980s who wouldn't have survived the MeToo/woke rage).

6-YO: Oliva CAD

Raum Arcos on Oliva CAD
Raul Arcos Soguero picked up his second gold medal of the day in the 6-year old division aboard Oliva CAD (by Doblon-TR out of Traviata CAD (by Halcon XLIII). Arriving at SICAB standing sixth in the ANCCE Cup ranking, the pair worked its way up from a fourth place in the preliminary test (76.20%) to a first on the finals test with 77.80%). The small bay has three very complete basic gaits with a ground covering trot, good overstep in the extended walk and a hindleg that really reaches under in the canter: the best ingredients for the future. In the Finals the bay was a bit tense at times but the four flying changes worked out well. The judge' panel rewarded Oliva CAD with 7.8 for walk, 7.7 for trot, 7.6 for canter, 7.8 for submission and 8.0 for general impression.

Spanish GP team rider Claudio Castilla Ruiz saddled Yeguada Moran's Azibo de Moral (by Flecha de Moran out of Cantarera XVII (by Iletrado SF)). The pair arrived second placed in the ANNCE Cup ranking and continued to place second over the two days at SICAB. He got 77.20% int he preliminary test and 76.200% in the Finals. The large framed stallion has a ground covering trot, but is at the moment still a bit weak in the loins. The second extensions was better, the third by far the best. The horse achieved two hooves overstep but there should be more V-moment in the rhythm and the nose stretching out. In the canter Azibo got a bit tense in the finals tense and the hindleg remained under the hindquarters instead of truly reaching for the point of gravity. All changes worked out but some were a bit short. A horse clearly in full development for the future. 

Ezequiel Jimenez Carrasco on Quilate FS
The very sympathetic and happy looking Roman KP (by Israel X out of Noria V (by Yeguerito III)) scored the bronze medal under Francisco Gil. The dapple grey chap with his long back does not have the easiest of conformations, but he was expressive in trot, had a very relaxed clear extended walk with small turns on the haunches, and the canter worked had a good balance but the flying changes are still a challenge as he loses stride and scope in them (stop-and-go-changes). The pair was fifth in the preliminary test with 74.40% and moved into fourth place in the finals test with 74.40%. Roman KP, who always had his ears pricked and was listening to his rider, got 8 for walk, 7.4 for trot and canter, 6.9 for submission and 7.5 for general impression. 

There were three horses with the name Kilate/Quilate in the 6-year old class. The one that stook out the most was Quilate FS (by Enganoseo VII out of the Grand Prix mare Joya FS (by Kabileno VIII). Under Ezequiel Jimenez Carrasco, this horse produced a very off the ground trot with lots of reach in the front leg in the shoulder in. The walk was nice, the extended canter was uphill. The rider counter-bent the horse several strides before the flying changes and they appeared still work in progress, but overall this is a nice horse to watch for the future. They won the preliminary test with 78.10 and were fifth in the finals with 74.00%

Results - 2023 ANCCE Cup Dressage - Young Horses

4-year olds

  • 1. Olvido CAD (by Jinete I out of Navaridas) - Arcos Soguero, Raúl -  81.400 -  78.800 --- 80.100%
  • 2. Educado De Centurion (by Aljibe De Centurion out of Ruda Cen) - Vázquez Quintero, Antonio José - 77.400 - 78.800 --- 78.100%
  • 3. Activo RC (by Seni Peregrino Vii out of Hechicera Cclxxi) - Fernández Muñoz, Juan Francisco - 78.000 -  76.400 --- 77.200%
  • 4. Toronto KP (by Israel X out of Noria V) - Gil Ortiz, Francisco -  76.000 - 76.600 --- 76.300%
  • 5. Fierro De CSV (by Cacique Ix out of Gilda De Ully) - Algarra Ruiz, África - 76.100 -  76.200 --- 76.150%
  • 6. Silencio Fs (by Tabanco Ii out of Cartuja Xviii) - Abollo Fontela, Alba - 75.800 -  76.400 --- 76.100%
  • 7. Verdi CAD (by Jinete Ix out of Traviata Cad) - Martínez Pineda, Marta -  74.400 - 73.600 --- 74.000%
  • 8. Maestro DVR Ii (by Simpatico De Millan Iii out of Maestra Xi) - Ramírez García, Juan De Dios -  73.800 - 73.200 --- 73.500%
  • 9. Ofendido Mango (by Atrevido Mango out of Ofendida Mibxiv) - Hernández Triviño, Pedro - 75.000 - 71.600 --- 73.300%
  • 10. Soñadora Fs (by Tabanco Ii out of Jara Fs) - Abollo Fontela, Alba - 73.200 - 73.000 --- 73.100%
  • 11. Ares De Ungo (by Ules Vdos out of Ipar) - Ruiz García, Alaitz - 72.600 -  72.800 --- 72.700%

5-year olds

  • 1 Rociero Fs (by Kabileño Mg Iii out of Triana Fs) -  Abollo Fontela, Alba  - 81.400  -  80.000 --- 80.700%
  • 2 Derroche De Indalo (by Timbal Yet out of Romera Yet) -  Sánchez Del Barco, Alejandro  - 81.600  -  77.200 --- 79.400%
  • 3 Verso De Susaeta (by Cacique Ix out of Editora Xiv) -  García Ayala, Guillermo  -  76.400  - 81.400 --- 78.900%
  • 4 Aguileño Mor (by Duiker Mor out of Deseada De Olivares) -  Oliva Lázaro, Alejandro  -  77.000  -  80.200 --- 78.600%
  • 5 Picaro Jabalquinto (by Gavilan Rr out of Petenera Lvi) -  Romero Aranda, Marina  - 75.800  -  80.400 --- 78.100%
  • 6 Beni Hil (by Encelado Ii out of Moruna V) -  Romero Aranda, Marina  - 77.000  -  76.800 --- 76.900%
  • 7 Lc Floraguilon (by Landeros Lc out of Novaton Lc Floraguilona) -  Bonmatí Bohórquez, Fco.  - 72.400  -  78.600 --- 75.500%
  • 8 Yulio Ar (by Yulio Jem out of Tormenta Cxxii) -  Márquez Reyes, Marcos  - 71.800  -  75.600 --- 73.700%
  • 9 Leonardo Ix (by Gerente V out of Desavia) -  González Guerrero, José Carlos  -  74.600  -  69.200 --- 71.900%
  • 10 Mensajero Sr (by Palmito Sr out of Vam Agraciada) -  Elías Lara, Lucas  - 65.800  -  69.400 --- 67.600%
  • 11 Limeño Arenas Ii (by Vicario Arenas out of Limeña Arenas) -  Hernández Triviño, Pedro  -  75.400  -  Np-jus. --- 37.700%
  • 12 Primero De Mesa (by Simpatico De Millan Iii out of Toscana De Millan) -  Carreño Martínez, Juan  - Elim.  -  69.000 ---  34.500%

6-year olds

  • 1 Oliva CAD (by Doblon-tr out of Traviata Cad) -  Arcos Soguero, Raúl  - 76.200  -  77.800 --- 77.000%
  • 2 Azibo De Moran (by Flecha De Moran out of Cantarera Xvii) -  Castilla Ruiz, Claudio - 77.200  -  76.200 --- 76.700%
  • 3 Quilate Fs (by Engañoso Vi out of Joya Fs) -  Jiménez Carrasco, Ezequiel  -  78.100  -  74.000 --- 76.050%
  • 4 Roman Kp (by Israel X out of Noria V) -  Gil Ortiz, Francisco  -  74.400  - 74.400 ---  74.400%
  • 5 Rule Kp (by Henares I out of Pelusa Xxix) -  Gil Ortiz, Francisco  -  71.400  -  74.400 --- 72.900%
  • 6 Zedimir Pj (by Cepellon out of Zedimina P) -  Poveda Verdú, Alberto  -  74.400  -  66.200 --- 70.300%
  • 7 Rondeño Alberca (by Lectivo Iii out of Rondeña Lvii ) -  Izquierdo Becerra, Adolfo  - 71.400  -  68.600 --- 70.000%
  • 8 Kilate De Lucia (by Rumboso Xxxvii out of Cuarta El Bayo) -  Sánchez Garrote, Vicente  - 68.400  -  69.800 --- 69.100%
  • 9 Kilate Jv (by Sir Zanzibar out of Jerezana Lxxxix) -  Cobos Fernández, Roberto  -  60.600  -  67.600 ---  64.100%
  • 10 Valen Medidor (by Quito Iv out of Valen Drupa) -  Hernández Triviño, Pedro  -  76.400  -  Np-jus. --- 38.200%
  • 11 Armas Nardo (by Armas Vaquero out of Jesusa) -  Márquez Reyes, Marcos -  69.800  -  Elim. --- 34.900%

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